Feedback From Satisfied Customers

feedback from satisfied customersRead the feedback from satisfied customers that we have received.

Here is what customers and art collectors are saying about their Teresa Bernard oil paintings. Thanks to the Internet, Teresa has sold her paintings all across America and around the world.  If you own one of her paintings, we would love to hear from you too! Email us your comments, and we’ll add them here.

“Hi Teresa, The painting arrived yesterday and we absolutely love it! Thank you so much! I love seeing it hanging on the wall with the sides painted!” — J. Ouch, Peachtree Corners GA

Teresa Bernard Oil Paintings Index
Night Sky Over Delicate Arch (2017)

“Hi Teresa, I received the painting today. I love it. It’s beautiful. My husband and I have a couple of other paintings by you. We love your work.” — N. Schiller, Apple Valley, MN

“The painting is wonderful! It safely arrived on time.” — P. Oelkers, Dearborn MI

“Teresa, the painting arrived and it looks wonderful! I can’t wait to see my wife’s reaction this weekend.” — R. Draper, Granville IL

“Painting has arrived. I am pleased to add it to my collection. Thank you.” — H. Shaw, Winston Salem NC

Oil Paintings Index
African Elephant On The Serengeti (2018)

“Teresa, our favorite elephant [painting] just arrived. My wife and I absolutely love it. So much more special in person. Fantastic! We can hardly wait to see the next two. Thanks again.” — G. Callan, San Diego CA

“Teresa, just wanted to let you know that the painting arrived and it’s absolutely phenomenal!! Thank you again.” — K. Burke, Erie PA

“Teresa, I received the painting in good order. Very nice and a good gift. Thank you and Merry Christmas!” — B. Kuller, Rockford IL

“Hi, my husband and I have one of your paintings. My husband bought it 22 years ago. We’ve moved homes and it has stayed with us. It is beautiful. Thank you for creating such fine artwork.” — Brenda Ramos via Bēhance

Oil Paintings Index of fine artist
Tyler Red Rose (2006)

“The painting arrived. It’s beautiful!” — C. Mace, Eastland TX

“I wanted you to know that I received the painting and presented it to Jim and he loved it! Thank you so much for all of your time and effort. It was well worth the wait!” — A. Boutillier, Morristown NJ

“I received my painting! Thank you very much, it’s a beautiful work of art!” — P. Cooper, Yokosuka, Japan

Oil Paintings Index of wildlife
Africa Wildlife — Giraffes (2019)

“Hi Teresa, we received the paintings. They’re beautiful! Thank you very much. Our eldest will love the giraffes.” — G. Callan, San Diego CA

The painting looks phenomenal in my living room and is a wonderful conversation piece. All my guests just rave about it. — C. Dalton, South Pasadena CA

The painting just arrived and we absolutely love it! Thanks so much for painting such a lovely work of art for us. We’ll cherish it forever! — T. Phillips, Hampton VA

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Feedback From Art Teachers and Students

feedback from art teachers and students of the artsRead the feedback we receive from art teachers and students of the fine arts all over the world. This website contains a wealth of information, and it’s all free. Many write to say how much they appreciate that. We would love to hear from you too! Email your comments.

“I have known about the Good Design Principles lessons by artist Teresa Bernard for several years, and I am continually impressed. Recently I have shared several of them with my graphic design students.” — Dr. Richard D. Sheridan, Assistant Professor Wilberforce University, Ohio.

“Good afternoon! My name is Maria Kline and I’m the proud visual arts teacher at Ninos Heroes Elementary in Chicago. During March (Women’s History Month) my 1st and 2nd grade students were learning about different women artists, and I stumbled across you during research. My students used your lovely work to compare and contrast landscapes and created mountain river scenes by combining their favorite elements. They got so into it that we spent weeks on making different landscapes. I just wanted to send you a little thank you for the inspiration, the kids loved your artwork! Best wishes, — Maria Kline, Visual Arts Teacher Ninos Heroes Elementary, Chicago, IL

“Hi Teresa, I am writing all the way from Cape Town, South Africa. I just love your site; thank you for all you make available. Being an artist myself (not professional), I found the information extremely valuable and what a joy to look at your artwork. There are many, many questions I wish I could ask you (over many cups of coffee!), but I was wondering if you have a newsletter? I am not on Facebook or any other social network, but if that is the only other way to be exposed to your work, I will try my best to learn that skill. Once again, thank you for what you are willing to share.” — Adele, Cape Town, South Africa

“I am a student in the University of Education, Winneba, Ghana. Pursuing ART EDUCATION. I find your website very interesting and educative and would like to hear from you.” — Jake Eshun, Winneba, Ghana

“I just had to email you to let you know how grateful I am for your principles of good design lessons. I am studying for a big art exam and your lessons are a great study aid. So clear and concise with great visual examples. I consider myself very lucky to have come across your website. Thank you so very much.” — Alice B.

“I’m a current student at Texas A&M and I came across your site. I first want to say I admire your work tremendously! I’m a beginning oil painter and I just finished a painting of a white tail buck.” — David A., College Station TX

“I am a freshman at (name withheld) Junior High school. Your work has really inspired me to just paint and see what happens. I’m not sure why but I can just hope it turns out as good as one of yours. I love how real your paintings look. They look like they were taken with a camera. I especially like the clownfish one. How it’s coming up out of that plant. It reminds me of Finding Nemo.” — Tylee K.

“I really admire your work. I’m an artist that works with a lot of subject matter like you do. I’m going to school right now for graphic design. Thank you for inspiring me. :)” — Sam G., Dallas TX

“You have a wonderful Website and beautiful paintings. You are truly an Artist. I just put you under my favorite web category so I can refer back to your Art School Info. and view your paintings any time I want. They are all beautiful, but I must say, my favorite is the portrait of your husband. He seems to be in heaven, I only wish I was standing right next to him. Keep up the great work. Sincerely Frank.” — Frank C., Cornwall NY

“I am not an Artist but I am learning to oil paint this message is to congratulate you for your wonderful work, I admire you!” — Jenny A., North Bergen NJ

“You have beautiful work. Hope to be as good someday. I’ve only been painting for a year now. Keep doing what you love. To paint. God bless.” — Gary, Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada

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Feedback From Fellow Artists and Art Galleries

feedback from fellow artists and art galleriesIt’s always great to receive feedback from fellow artists who are my peers and even from art galleries. Read what they are saying about my oil paintings. I would love to hear from you too! Email your comments to me. Thanks!

Feedback From Art Galleries

“I went to your website and took a look at your work. Very nice. There is a definite peaceful and devotional feel to your religious pieces. I bookmarked your website. One day we plan on expanding into art that is more traditional and realistic. If you still have your website, I’m sure we will be in touch.” — Susan Hooks, Director of White Stone Gallery

Fellow Artists Give Feedback

“You’re art is Wonderful!! Thank you for sharing it. I love all mediums. I do think that watercolors are the hardest, still trying to accomplish it. It hates I LOVE charcoals and OILS. You have a special gift for OILS. They come easy for you. Your strokes are calming. Don’t ever stop, even though parental jobs make us stop, and also jobs and other responsibilities. Thanks for your wonderful art. Never stop.” @barbara51, Gab

“Your paintings are great. I paint oil landscapes. I have been painting in oil for about six years.” — Kirk W., Texas

“I am emailing you because I have been to your website and from one artist to another was very impressed with the quality of your work. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your website, and will visit your site again in the future.” — Lynn W., Stony Mountain, Manitoba Canada

“I saw your website and the beautiful paintings. They are wonderful. I am 50 now. Any kind of art used to be my hobby, especially drawing, rangoli, decorative art, etc. But I did not do much till now. Of late I have started painting. I do Tanjore paintings professionally.” — Vimala J., India

“I came across your [Web] page and it was a pleasant surprise. I’m a painter too and although my style is different from yours I can relate to your work because it has a lot of atmosphere. I find it poetic. Very romantic but a bit dramatic which makes it more interesting.” — Carmen U., San Juan, Puerto Rico

Oil Paintings Index visual list
Heceta Head Lighthouse (2000)

“I came across your site this A.M. and was delighted with your story of you and your father. How much we owe to loving parents! I have been painting watercolor for 20 years now, but am always interested in the principles of design and was thrilled to see how much info. you are offering freely, as your father gave freely to you of his life. I especially love your painting of Heceta Head Lighthouse as I live just 15 min. down the road from there. You have captured it beautifully. I have put it in as one of my screen savers, so I can see it every day. Thank you for blessing the world with your gift.” — Mae P., Florence OR

“I just visited your website for the first time today. You have created some very lovely paintings. I am new to the ‘art world.’ I’m 44 years old and had never picked up a paintbrush (other than to paint a room in my home) until this past summer. I found a passion that I never knew I had. I appreciate all of the information that you’ve so freely given on your website. I have your site marked as one of my favorites and will be visiting often. Thanks a bunch! Best wishes for a successful future!” — Marty M., Kentucky

“I saw your paintings and I liked it, especially still life. But wildlife is more like illustration. I am a graphic artist from Delhi, India. Now I have decided to work on canvas.” — Shubnam G., Delhi, India

“Hi, can’t say enough about your work and enjoyed your seascapes. I live on the coast in Nova Scotia and paint with oils as well. Lighthouses are my favorite subject.” — Rex, Nova Scotia, Canada

visual Oil Paintings Index
Oregon Coast South of the Sea Lion Caves (1997)

“I’ve been particularly interested in seeing the sites of realistic oil painters. I’ve been painting and teaching since the mid-’70s. Your work is lovely. One of my favorite paintings is the Heceta Head Lighthouse. The Oregon Coast is one of my favorite subjects too!” — Donna S., Washington

“Often when I have my morning coffee, I will search the net for artists. I oil paint. I was in Oregon last summer, your pictures of the Oregon coast by the sea lions is the best I have seen of that view. Your Heceta Head Lighthouse is just beautiful. I painted the coast picture also. You are an inspiration to me.” — Patricia B., Pontiac MI

“You are in my art directory. I am a landscape and seascape oil/acrylic painter. I also draw buildings in pen and ink, charcoal, and pencil. I enjoy looking at other artists’ work. I can’t watercolor, though. You do very nice work. Keep on painting.” — Michelle B., Cleveland OH

Oil Paintings Index of Teresa Bernard
The Communion Table (2004)

“I enjoy art making and am presently working in soft pastels on still life subjects. I really enjoyed your Communion Table still life and am further motivated to continue to give God all glory in my work. Your work reminded me of special symbolism in still life about which I had forgotten. Thank you! God bless you.” — Tina, Australia

“What a great treat your site is. Your artwork is the best I’ve seen as I search different artists’ sites. I too am an artist. My medium is watercolour and pencil as my favorites. I have done acrylic and Rembrandt pastel paintings too. The variety of your paintings is a real testament to your life and I am really pleased to see a fellow artist have such a wonderful time with your art.” — Peter W., Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada

“You have an amazing gallery of work and am a very talented artist. I hope to see more in the future. Take care and stay safe and well and if you ever feel like a chat, please drop me a note or chat message as I love to talk with other artists.” letmeposenakedforyou, Deviant Art

“Wonderful artwork. You are very talented! I am also a painter so I can spot a talented artist.” — Sandy W., College Station TX

“Beautiful work. I am an artist also I was just looking around at different sites. Very nice and good luck with your art.” — Brian M., Marshalls Creek PA

“I love your artwork. I do oil paintings myself and wish I could paint even half as good as you. May God continue to bless you.” — Tennessee Toler

“Teresa: my name is Bob May. I am a published poet and am working on a lengthy paper about the nature of poetry. In one section of this paper, I am considering poetry in relation to fine art painting – at which point I wanted to insert a good definition of “fine art” – not so much because I don’t think most readers would understand the term, but more because I want them to know exactly how I’m using it so they will understand the context completely. So, yes, I searched through a dozen resources I use on a regular basis (including the 4 dictionaries I keep open on my desktop all the time – then, when I entered the term into my search engine the second link was to your website, where I found the best definition of them all. Sorry for the lengthy over-explanation, but I would like to use your definition and credit your site along with the name of the author. Thanks for considering the idea.” — Robert (RA) May, Berkeley CA

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Feedback From Art Lovers Around the World

feedback from art lovers around the worldFans from all over the world send in their comments about my oil paintings. I share those comments here in “Feedback from Art Lovers Around the World.” I would love to hear from you too! When you write be sure to include where you are from. Click on the link to email your comments.

“Teresa your works are beautiful — Joon Min, Behance

“Hello Teresa, I took a look at your work, and I must say I find them captivating and interesting. I would like to discuss more about them.” — Ryan Fisher, Behance

“Hello, I’m new on this platform. I’m just getting to know how it works. You’ve got great arts by the way; I’d love us to work together. “ — Katherina Eleanor, Nigeria, Behance

“Hello, your artworks are beautiful, and I’m impressed about it, I’m willing to purchase them too.” — Joseph Zoel, Germany, Behance

“Thank you for the warm welcome! I see that you have an impressive collection of artworks! They are far better than modern artworks these days that focus on pushing an agenda.” — @TheBlackHeart, Gab

“Hi there, Just wanted to say that I love your content. Keep up the good work. My friends from Thailand Nomads recommended your website to me. Cheers.” — Abigail Smith, Kerklaan 10, Netherlands

“Your website is a testament to your passion and talent. Thoroughly enjoyed my visit and was struck by your range of subjects and the way you have handled them. My warmest congratulations!!” — David H., Christchurch, New Zealand

“Great site and Art! Have you done any imaginary or surreal work? I can see your work progressing to that next level; your lines and color are very strong almost visionary like in dreams where everything is ’emphasized’. Anyway, keep painting, you obviously have the talent and skill.” — Arnold I., Saskatoon SK, Canada

“I admire your work and I think it’s wonderful to have the ability to help others achieve their business goals. Presently I develop Web sites for a government agency, but I’m looking to do what you do (work from home). I have a strong desire to work for God’s kingdom. So, my goal is to use my skills to help churches build and maintain their Web sites.” — Latonya W.

Oil Paintings Index list
Clownfish (1998)

“Wonderful paintings. I would love to commission a few for my wife while here in Kuwait courtesy of the US Army.” — James F., Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

“Had a very enjoyable browse. We will be returning to your gallery again. But we will have to talk to our custom & excise department. Re charges etc for personally imported works of art. May your God go with you and keep up the good work.” — Denny G., Port Louis, Mauritius

Teresa Bernard Paintings Index
Portrait of Robert (2003)

“Hi, I was just searching the web and wanted to look for original art, paintings, and drawings to inspire me. I love your artwork. You have a realism that really caught my eye. I like the Clown Fish. The portrait of the man on the boat is fantastic. I have a God-given talent that I need to re-discover and seeing your site and reading your ‘About Me’ section was just what I needed. Thanks for doing what you do.”

“Wonderful talent you have. Your paintings are great! Enjoyed visiting your site.” — Robert N., Victoria, Australia

“Hi – I just visited your website – and I love your work, you are a delightfully gifted artist.” — Brandy C.

Oil Paintings Index
Irish Fishing Village, Bunratty IRL (2001)

“Only one word, ‘Excellent'” — Paul V., Sydney, Australia

“I’ve searched the web and your work is by far the best…” — Carroll-Marie M.

“Your artwork is beautiful. I love Bunratty, but they are all wonderful. I have enjoyed viewing your site.” — Elizabeth M., Vancouver BC, Canada

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Feedback From Admirers Across America

feedback from admirers across AmericaThrough the years, fans have emailed to let us know what they think of my oil paintings. I thought you might enjoy reading what they have to say. This post contains feedback from admirers of my work all across America. I would love to hear from you too! Email me your comments.

“I’m an avid art collector with a deep appreciation for unique artworks. I recently came across your incredible artwork and was immediately drawn to its exceptional craftsmanship and expressive style.” — Veronica Freeman, USA, Behance

“Hello, I stumbled upon your artwork on Behance and I must admit that I’m thoroughly impressed by your masterpiece. I’m reaching out to inquire about the availability of your artwork for sale. If it is indeed available, I would like to learn more about its pricing and any other pertinent details. Please inform me if there is an opportunity for me to add this exceptional piece to my personal collection. I eagerly await your response.” — Laura Gutierrez, California, USA, Behance

“Hello I love the arts you do.” — Jace Archibald, USA, Behance

“I’m an avid art collector with a deep appreciation for captivating and unique artworks. I recently came across your incredible artwork and was immediately drawn to its exceptional craftsmanship and expressive style.” — Morris Steve, USA, Behance

“Hi Teresa, I came across some of your art and they are beautiful pieces.” — Sharon Boswell, USA, Behance

“You are so talented! In this age of AI, it’s heartening to see real creativity within someone who has received a gift from God and is using it to bring beauty into the world.” — @F_to_the_U, Gab

“Your art is amazing. I am so amazed by your talent.” — Roberta B., Crosby, TX

feedback from admirers
Portrait of Robert

“Hey Doll, I visited your art website today and was totally amazed at all the folks who have enjoyed your paintings and took the time to comment in your feedback section! I think it’s great & I am so proud of my wife!!! Not to mention, I too enjoy all your artwork!! Your Hubby.” — Robert Bernard, Ben Wheeler TX

“Robert, Tell Teresa I think her paintings are awesome!!! The detail she takes from the original photos, and then using other backgrounds looks perfect. Great work, Teresa!” — Father Dan, Prince of Peace Church, Whitehouse TX

feedback from fans
Sea of Galilee at Capernaum (2005)

“I really like your paintings–the portrait of your husband is very unusual in composition and the backlighting–wish I could see it in real life. Another that really caught my eye especially is the Sea of Galilee at Capernaum–the light in the sky is particularly indicative of something spiritual, even if one didn’t know a thing about the religious significance of the place.” — Elena M., Columbia, MD

“Jim and I looked at your pictures online. They are fabulous. Your talent has really grown. I think you have way surpassed your dad. He would really be proud of you.” — Debra Dove, San Antonio TX

“Thank you so much for stopping by today. It was a pleasure to meet you and learn of your travels and interests. Teresa, I visited your website and WOW, you are much too modest. God has truly blessed you and uses you mightily.” — Eva S., Centaur Arabian Farms, Flint TX

“OUTSTANDING work! I am impressed, very nice artwork. I particularly liked the Clown Fish piece! Your site is also excellent. Thanks for visiting my site, requesting a link exchange, and any future correspondence. Keep up the great work (I know, cliché – but sincere). — Jason S., College Station TX

fine art Oil Paintings
Covered Bridge Of Lane County (1997)

“Your paintings are sooooo beautiful and realistic. I live in Oregon and wish I could have purchased your Lane County Covered Bridge. I am in awe of your work and just can’t say enough nice things about your paintings. Wish I could do it!!!!” — Susan A., Oregon

“I like your work very much. I grew up in Lane County near a bridge very much like the one you painted. When I went to my High School class reunion in 1984, the bridge had been replaced by an open bridge. I have not been back to Oregon since.” — Donna B., Texas

“God has blessed you with wonderful talents! May He also bless you with lots of sales too. Keep Arting!” — Jeff W., Lansing MI

“Teresa, I looked at your site as soon as we got home from church. What a gift! Some time I would love to see your work in person. Wow… God bless.” — Janet Plymale, Tyler TX

fine art oil paintings
The Giants of Sequoia (1998)

“You captured your feelings in these snow pictures they are truly a work of art. You will be recommended to my friends and please make lithographs for future releases maybe in years to come. By all means I”d love to see more of these.” — L. Mundy, Santa Clarita CA

“Your website is very nice! But your paintings are beautiful!!! I enjoyed my wander through the pages of your very talented work.” — Millie C., Denver CO

“Love your work — we might want to put it on our site eventually.” — Will B., Hondo TX

“Your paintings are lovely. Such beautiful lighting. I think you are very talented and your work is very well executed. I wish you lots of luck.” — Sue M., New Jersey

“Oh, I just viewed your website again. I absolutely love your paintings. I’ll have to have one.” — Patricia F., Tyler TX

“It looks like God has blessed you with a great talent! Thank God that He enables us with this gift!” — Kathleen W., Fort Wayne IN

“I love your website!! It’s very easy to use and the paintings are absolutely beautiful! I love that you’ve added the religious paintings, I look forward to seeing more. God has blessed you with a wonderful, wonderful talent!” — Diane H., Fairborn OH

“Super! I loved your artwork! WOW! What incredible talent. Rachel and I would love to see more of your work. Thanks for your time yesterday and for hearing our heart for Hampton Church of the Nazarene. I know that God has something good in store for us as we follow after Him!” — Pastor Mark W., Hampton VA

“Hi, I like your paintings, I paint too. I paint rustic paintings in oil and have sold several. I enjoyed your art, it’s very nice.” — Faye, Arkansas

Cowboy Sunset canvas wall art
Cowboy Sunset (2012)

“Absolutely love your sunset and portrait of a man. What is the price for a commissioned painting from a photo?” — Kerri K., St. Paul MN

“Your paintings are beautiful!!” — Kristine Nichols, Hampton VA

“Your paintings are awesome!!!!! You are also very talented in Web design. You are blessed!” — Tim B., Hampton VA

“I checked out your Web site. Looks awesome! God has really gifted you.” — Brian Forester, Norfolk VA

“I checked out your Web site and loved all of your paintings. Very nice site too!” — Jeannie Richardson, Highlands TX

commission Oil Paintings
Peggy’s Cove Revisited (2008)

“I’m a family doctor in a small town in northern Maine. I really love all your paintings. I’m so taken with the Peggy’s Cove painting – it’s so lovely. I grew up in Newfoundland where all the houses were painted a bright color to offset the grey weather that could otherwise be depressing. The red house and the ocean remind me of home. The painting brings a smile to my face.” — Janet B., Houlton ME

“Beautiful Web site. You have great style and a lot of artistic talent.” — Gelinda R., Honolulu HI

“Are your paintings for sale? I think they are wonderful!” — Jennifer B., Virginia Beach VA

“Saw your artwork – it is great! I too am an artist.” — Bonnie K., Houston TX

Oil Paintings feedback
Return To Peggy’s Cove (2009)

“A while ago I came across your Web site and found your beautiful paintings. I am not an artist at all or have much knowledge about art, but some of your paintings have something that lifts them above ‘just a nice picture,’ something that draws, that makes you look at them again and again. I love in particular your painting of Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia. It looks so pure and unspoiled, it has a dreamy atmosphere to it.” — Meike E., Chester NJ

“Your Web site is very professional. I’m impressed!” — Susan King, Sisters OR

“You have a great Web site. I think it’s very professionally done. I also like your paintings. I’m stationed on a ship in the Navy. I showed your Web site and paintings to my fellow shipmates and they were very impressed as well.” — Robert B., Norfolk VA

“GREAT SITE! I was amazed by your oil paintings. They look every bit as good as those I see in galleries done by local artists. I am so impressed by how far you have developed your talent. Your site worked very well for my browser too.” — Kris Erickson, Sumner WA

“Looks great Mom, keep up the good work!” — Sheldon Burquist, Tyler TX

“Your artwork is quite impressive. I enjoyed my visit to your Web site. Thanks for sharing.” — Dan B., Azuza CA

“Your oil paintings are very good. Keep up the good work.” — Alicia Gillette, Hampton VA

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