Feedback From Art Lovers Abroad

feedback from art lovers around the world

Fans from all over the world send in their comments about my oil paintings. I share those comments here in “Feedback from Art Lovers Around the World.” I would love to hear from you too! When you write be sure to include where you are from. Click on the link to email your comments.

Feedback From Fellow Art Lovers on Social Media

“Teresa your works are beautiful — Joon Min, Behance

“Hello Teresa, I took a look at your work, and I must say I find them captivating and interesting. I would like to discuss more about them.” — Ryan Fisher, Behance

“Hello, I’m new on this platform. I’m just getting to know how it works. You’ve got great arts by the way; I’d love us to work together. “ — Katherina Eleanor, Nigeria, Behance

“Hello, your artworks are beautiful, and I’m impressed about it, I’m willing to purchase them too.” — Joseph Zoel, Germany, Behance

“Thank you for the warm welcome! I see that you have an impressive collection of artworks! They are far better than modern artworks these days that focus on pushing an agenda.” — @TheBlackHeart, Gab

Fellow Art Lovers Give Feedback

“I admire your work and I think it’s wonderful to have the ability to help others achieve their business goals. Presently I develop Web sites for a government agency, but I’m looking to do what you do (work from home). I have a strong desire to work for God’s kingdom. So, my goal is to use my skills to help churches build and maintain their Web sites.” — Latonya W.

portrait of Robert
Portrait of Robert by Teresa Bernard

“Hi, I was just searching the web and wanted to look for original art, paintings, and drawings to inspire me. I love your artwork. You have a realism that really caught my eye. I like the Clown Fish. The portrait of the man on the boat is fantastic. I have a God-given talent that I need to re-discover and seeing your site and reading your ‘About Me’ section was just what I needed. Thanks for doing what you do.”

“Hi – I just visited your website – and I love your work, you are a delightfully gifted artist.” — Brandy C.

“I’ve searched the web and your work is by far the best…” — Carroll-Marie M.

International Art Lovers Give Feedback

“Hi there, Just wanted to say that I love your content. Keep up the good work. My friends from Thailand Nomads recommended your website to me. Cheers.” — Abigail Smith, Kerklaan 10, Netherlands

“Great site and Art! Have you done any imaginary or surreal work? I can see your work progressing to that next level; your lines and color are very strong almost visionary like in dreams where everything is ’emphasized’. Anyway, keep painting, you obviously have the talent and skill.” — Arnold I., Saskatoon SK, Canada

feedback from art lovers
Clownfish painting by Teresa Bernard

“Wonderful paintings. I would love to commission a few for my wife while here in Kuwait courtesy of the US Army.” — James F., Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

“Had a very enjoyable browse. We will be returning to your gallery again. But we will have to talk to our custom & excise department. Re charges etc for personally imported works of art. May your God go with you and keep up the good work.” — Denny G., Port Louis, Mauritius

“Wonderful talent you have. Your paintings are great! Enjoyed visiting your site.” — Robert N., Victoria, Australia

feedback from art lovers
Irish Fishing Village, Bunratty IRL painting by Teresa Bernard

“Your artwork is beautiful. I love Bunratty, but they are all wonderful. I have enjoyed viewing your site.” — Elizabeth M., Vancouver BC, Canada

“Only one word, ‘Excellent'” — Paul V., Sydney, Australia

“Your website is a testament to your passion and talent. Thoroughly enjoyed my visit and was struck by your range of subjects and the way you have handled them. My warmest congratulations!!” — David H., Christchurch, New Zealand

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FROM THE EDITORS: We hope you enjoyed reading the feedback Teresa Bernard has received from art lovers around the world and have found the information helpful. We think you’ll like the paintings below as well. Click or tap the thumbnail link for larger image and details.

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