Benefits of Buying Art Directly from the Artist

buying art from artist

Buying art directly from the artist has several benefits, both for the artist and for the purchaser.

Traditionally, art purchases were made through galleries, however, thanks to the Internet, an artist can set up a website and sell directly to their collectors, patrons, or anyone who just loves what that artist does. Here are some reasons why buying art directly from the artist can be a meaningful and enriching experience:

1. Origin of the Artwork

Purchasing art directly from the artist ensures you know its origin; meaning it has been handcrafted by the artist rather than mass-produced in a factory in some foreign nation like China.

2. Developing a Personal Relationship

When you buy art directly from an artist, you establish a special connection. Artists often nurture this relationship by keeping in touch long after the sale. They share updates on their art career, invite you to openings and events, and maintain direct communication.

3. Authentic Connection and Story

When you purchase art directly from the artist, you engage in a unique experience that goes beyond a simple transaction. You have the opportunity to hear the story behind the piece, understand the artist’s inspiration, and appreciate the nuances of their creative process. This connection adds a personal touch to the artwork, making it more than just a decorative item in your home or office, but a cherished piece of art with a story.

4. Support for Creativity and Independence

Buying directly from the artist ensures that they receive the full benefit of your purchase. This support enables them to continue their creative endeavors without the constraints imposed by galleries or middlemen. By supporting an artist directly, you’re contributing to their ability to thrive and create more work.

5. Financial Support for the Artist

Galleries typically take a 50% commission on the sales price of an artwork. This covers their overhead and marketing efforts. When you buy directly from the artist, they don’t pay a commission to anyone. However, they still incur credit card fees, packaging costs, marketing expenses, and overhead. Therefore, it’s essential not to bargain down the price, as artists put significant effort into making the sale happen.

6. Unique and Personalized Art

Buying directly from the artist often means acquiring a unique or limited-edition piece that isn’t available anywhere else. Artists may also offer custom commissions, allowing you to own a piece tailored to your preferences and space. This personalization ensures that your collection is distinctive and reflects your individual taste.

7. Opportunity for Custom Commissions

As you explore artists and their work, you may discover an exciting opportunity—commissioning custom art. You don’t need to be a designer for this. Select your favorite pieces from the artist’s portfolio and request something similar or with specific colors to match your home decor. Commissioned art holds special meaning because it wouldn’t exist without your input, making you part of the creative process.

See Commission a Painting for more information on this subject.

In Conclusion

Buying art directly from the artist allows you to forge connections, support their creative journey, and be part of the art-making process. It’s a rewarding experience that goes beyond mere acquisition—it’s about celebrating authenticity and fostering artistic growth. Furthermore, when you buy art directly from an artist, you not only acquire a beautiful piece but also become part of their creative journey. It’s a win-win for both art lovers and artists!

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