Up, Up and Away!

Hot air balloons are taking flight in this large painting. This piece of art is ideal for those who are daring and enjoy traveling.

hot air balloons painting
Up, Up and Away! © Copyright 2021 – Present


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About this Hot Air Balloons Painting

hot air balloons

Title: Up, Up and Away!
Size: 30″ w x 24″ h
Support: Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvas
Shape: Horizontal (landscape)
Description:  A large oil painting depicting hot air balloons taking to flight in a beautiful blue sky with wispy clouds hovering in the distance. The balloons have a whimsical, happy feel to them. This artwork is an excellent choice for those who are adventurous and love to travel. It is signed by fine artist Teresa Bernard.

Up, Up and Away is hand-painted on gallery wrap stretched canvas. No frame is required to exhibit it because the artwork composition extends around the edges of the canvas. However, it will look great should you choose to have it framed.

certificate of authenticity

This painting comes with an official Certificate of Authenticity. More information here.

Artist Comments

Every summer the city of Longview, Texas hosts the Great Texas Balloon Race. Dubbed “The longest-running hot-air balloon event in Texas,” this three-day festival brings professional hot air balloon pilots from all over the world to compete in the event.

According to its website, the event began in 1978 as an advertising gimmick to promote the opening of Longview’s new mall. From there, it “ballooned” into the three-day festival spectators enjoy today.

Our family attended this event one year and I got to get up close and watch these balloons as they inflated and took to flight. What a spectacular sight it was! Up, Up and Away painting was inspired by this festival’s celebration of hot air balloons.

Find out more about this festival at: http://www.greattexasballoonrace.com/

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UPDATED: 20 April 2022

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