Life in Texas Series

Made in TexasLife in Texas painting series

I was born and raised in west Texas. And until I graduated high school and went off to college in another state, I had never lived anywhere but the Lone Star State. My life was and still is in Texas.

After finishing college, I stayed in California for a while before moving to Oregon, then I moved cross-country to Florida, then to Virginia, and now I’ve come full circle back to Texas. (When you’re married to a military man, you get to move around a lot!)

Growing up Texan

So, what does “growing up Texan” mean? It’s an amazing journey of a lifetime! I’ve gotten to see and experience things common in Texas, such as the prickly pear cactus, bluebonnets, horny toads, armadillos, oil derricks and pump jacks, wide open plains, and that west Texas wind that never seems to stop blowing! Things like longhorn cattle, cowboys, and rodeos. Also, rattle snakes! Yikes!! The places I’ve visited, such as The Alamo, Senora Caverns, Lake Livingston, Palo Duro Canyon, Jersey Lily Saloon & Judge Roy Bean, Law West of the Pecos Museum, Fort Worth Stock Yards, and South Pedra Island, to name a few, are part of my list of adventures. The list is endless.

Texas in my DNA

You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the girl. Texas is written in my DNA, and my roots are firmly planted here. It’s easy to see why I’d paint about the Texas way of life. This is an on-going series, and I hope you like it.

My Life in Texas Series

Available Paintings In This series

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cactus artwork
Prickly Pear Cactus
9″ w x 12″ h
Texas horny toad
The Texas Horned Lizard (2018)
6″ w x 6″ h
Texas panhandle Palo Duro Canyon oils on canvas
Lighthouse, Palo Duro Canyon (2016)
16″ w x 12″ h
barn painting
Texas Flag Barn
20″ w x 16″ h
longhorn painting
Texas Longhorn in The Meadow (2013)
20″ w x 16″ h
Texas lifestyle
Life in Texas — Round Hay Bales (2013) 
16″ w x 20″ h
east Texas moon
Full Moon Rising
20″ w x 16″ h
Texas western sunset
Cowboy Sunset
24″ w x 18″ h
Texas covered wagon
Covered Wagon on The Prairie (2010)
20″ w x 16″ h
Sold out paintings
rose artwork
Yellow Rose of Texas (2008) 
18″ w x 18″ h
Texas rose art
Tyler Red Rose
16″ w x 12″ h
Texas sunset painting
Sunset Over Texas (2001)
12″ w x 9″ h

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