People Paintings for Sale

Gallery-quality oil paintings of people in their natural setting for sale. Teresa Bernard’s paintings are all hand-painted and signed by her.

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people paintings for sale
Ballerina Feet En Pointe (2022)
6″ w x 8″ h
surfer girl paintings for sale
Gone Surfing
12″ w x 16″ h
people paintings to buy
Sisters in Lavender
24″ w x 18″ h
people and pets in art
A Boy and His Dog (2020)
24″ w x 18″ h
human figure painted picture
Girl in The Red Dress
24″ w x 18″ h
ballet dancer art piece
The Ballerina
24″ w x 18″ h

Artist Comments

In my art career, I’ve created several portraits, yet I don’t consider myself as a portrait artist. I like to depict individuals engaged in activities or absorbed in their surroundings, because these scenes tell a story.

In my paintings of people, their faces are deliberately turned away from the observer. They are not intended to be conventional portraits in standard poses. The purpose is to allow the viewer’s interpretation to shape who they perceive the subjects to be.

Art Commissions

Teresa occasionally accepts commissions. In doing so, she has painted for fellow art enthusiasts worldwide. If you have a special painting that you’d like her to paint, please contact us. Click here to learn more about “How to Commission a Painting.

To Purchase a Painting

The paintings featuring people are for sale on this site. Teresa Bernard, the artist, has hand-painted and signed each one. To buy a painting, simply click on the painting’s thumbnail to be taken to the more information page, where you can complete the purchase. You are buying directly from the artist when you buy your painting from this website.

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All online artwork images are clearly marked with a copyright watermark. This watermark asserts our ownership of the painting’s image and is intended to deter infringement. The original canvas paintings do not depict this.

Authenticity Certified

TB sealAll oil paintings with people purchased from this website come with an official Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

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