Southwest Paintings NOT by Teresa Bernard

I’m fed up! I can’t begin to express the frustration I’m experiencing with having my name misused by others. Individuals who are using my name, Teresa Bernard, to promote a line of southwest paintings I did not paint. It’s fraud, it’s a scam, and it has been going on for over a decade.

Art Buyers Beware!

You should know that the southwest painting you have just purchased is NOT an authentic Teresa Bernard painting. Contrary to what some unscrupulous art dealers tell their unsuspecting customers, I’m not the artist of the southwest-style paintings they are trying to sell. Let me repeat, I am not a southwest painter, and I have never been.

southwest paintings scam
Southwest paintings NOT by Teresa Bernard

These so-called “southwest paintings by Teresa Bernard” are being sold on eBay, Offer Up, Let Go, Fine Art America, and other places. I’ve even found them sold on a few auction websites as well. The listings say, “Teresa Bernard painted them,” but they are not mine. I did not paint any of those paintings. Also, the listing agent uses excerpts of my own bio without permission, which is an infringement of copyright. They use my bio in their descriptions to make these paintings seem more legit when they in fact are not.

Why it Matters

When you compare the southwest paintings to mine, you will find my artistic style is entirely different from those paintings. There is no mistaking that fact. One look around my website confirms this. I’ve studied a large sampling of photos of these so-called “Teresa Bernard southwest paintings,” and there is a lack of consistency in artistic style from one painting to the next. It looks like they are the works of multiple artists. There are also variations in the signatures from one painting to the next. And none of those signatures look anything like mine.

southwest paintings Teresa Bernard
Signatures vary from painting to painting and do not match.

Why it Should Matter to You

I receive emails all the time from individuals wanting verification that a particular southwest painting they have in their possession, or one they’re thinking of purchasing, is one of mine. They even attach a photo for me to look at. You can imagine their confusion when they learn I don’t do southwest paintings and that I’m not the artist of their painting. Still, others become quite indignant to learn their art dealer lied to them and fraudulently used my name to sell them a painting I didn’t paint. I feel bad for these individuals because they have fallen for a scam. All I can do is tell them to do their research; know what they are buying and whom they are buying from.

Who is this Teresa Bernard, Artist of Southwest Paintings?

At first, I thought it was a case of mistaken identity—that there is another artist in the world with the same name as me, and these must be her paintings. So I didn’t give too much thought to the seriousness of this situation until the emails started coming in on a regular basis.

So I did some research to see if I could discover who this southwest artist is. After searching on the internet, I quickly found out that I’m the only artist with the name Teresa Bernard who comes up in the “SERPS” (Search Engine Results Pages). There is no other artist with my name; I’m the only one. Go ahead; try a search yourself to see what you come up with. I’ll wait.

Don’t you think it bizarre that there is absolutely NO information on the internet regarding this artist of southwest paintings? Why is it, if she is such a famous artist and her paintings are highly sought after, that she is nowhere to be found?

You won’t find a website for her or the location of her art studio. There are no art shows, exhibitions, or gallery announcements for her work. And you won’t find any press releases, news articles, or magazine articles either. There is absolutely no information whatsoever about this southwest painting artist. Therefore, I am convinced she doesn’t exist anywhere or anyhow. Please prove me wrong if you can. I welcome it.

Proof of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity Furthermore, I provide a custom-designed Certificate of Authenticity for each of my paintings. This is something you won’t get with any of the southwest paintings by the imposter.

The art dealers trying to pass their paintings off as authentic originals by Teresa Bernard have no proof whatsoever of who painted them. All you have is their word for it. Can you really believe 100% of what they say? When you ask them for proof, they tell you to search the internet for the artist and compare the artwork and signatures. Well, we already know what happens when we do that, don’t we?

The truth is, they have absolutely no proof at all. You just have to take their word for it. They end the conversation when you question them about the matter too. This is further evidence that something is amiss, and they know it but don’t care. They just want to make a buck at someone else’s expense.

Made in China

I believe these southwest paintings are created in China. Then they are shipped to the U.S., and the Chinese tell their buyers that I am the artist. They exploit my name because I am all over the internet. If this isn’t the case, why can’t this other so-called artist, “Teresa Bernard,” be found? Why doesn’t she show herself? Or step up to make a public appearance and make herself known to the world? I’d be happy to send the individuals who email me to her website if only she had one.

I’m Not The Only One

Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper
Joanna Gaines

This scam isn’t an isolated incident either. Joanna Gaines of “Fixer Upper” has also had her name misused in much the same way I’m experiencing.  It was even rumored that she was leaving her show to promote a line of skincare products. According to Joanna, this is simply not true. You can read her story here.

See For Yourself

If you are still convinced that I am the artist of your painting after reading this blog post, then before you send me an email with a photo attached, check out My Oil Paintings Index. It is a visual list of just about all my paintings. If your painting isn’t there, then it isn’t one of mine. However, if you find it pictured, I’m happy to answer your questions.

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