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An art reference list. Art-related terms beginning with the letter “Q” from QAJAR ART to QUILTING.

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Art Reference List: “Q” Words

Qajar Art

The Qajar artistic style refers to the art, architecture, and art forms of the late Persian Empire, most notably the Qajar dynasty, which lasted from 1781 to 1925. It is characterized by an exuberant style and flamboyant use of color.


A term that emerged during the Baroque period to describe a painting on a ceiling or a wall to create the illusion of limitless space, i.e., architectural features that seem to extend beyond the actual reach of the room.


In geometry, a four-sided polygon with four angles and sides of arbitrary length. The five most common types of quadrilaterals are parallelogram, rectangle, rhombus, trapezium, and trapezoid. Quadrilateral structures and forms are common in daily life and are evident in both architecture and art.


(Pronounced qua-drip-tick). An artwork, usually a painting, that is divided into four sections or panels, where each panel depicts a different but related composition. Each panel can stand alone as an independent work of art, or displayed together to form a larger, more cohesive image or composition. Also see, “tetraptych.”


A carved ornament or design consisting of four lobes separated by cusps, radiating from a common center. It is often used in architectural tracery and resembles a flower with four petals or a leaf with four leaflets.


A pen is made from a flight feather (preferably a primary) of a large bird, often a goose. Quills were used as instruments for writing with ink before the metal dip pen, the fountain pen, and eventually the ballpoint pen came into use.


art reference list

A form of art that involves the use of paper strips that are rolled, curled, looped, shaped, twisted, and glued together to create decorative designs (a.k.a. paper filigree).


The process of making a quilt from beginning to end. Or the actual act of sewing the layers of a quilt together, either by hand or by machine. Also refers to the finished lines of sewn thread that make up the quilting design.

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