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Art words and their meaning beginning with the letter “Z”. Art words from Z-PATTERN LAYOUT to ZOOMORPHIC.

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Art Words Meaning: “Z” Words

Z-Pattern Layout

The path the human eyes travel when they read—left to right, top to bottom. First, the eyes scan from the top left to the top right, then down and to the left side, and last, back across to the right again. When the viewers’ eyes move in this pattern, it forms an imaginary “Z” shape.


A German word from the 13th century that means “jagged style.” Zackenstil is a zig-zag style used in sculpture, painting, stained glass, and manuscript illumination.


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A style of Japanese calligraphy and painting done in ink. Often, both calligraphy and image will be in the same piece of art.


A self-help, meditative art therapy practice involving the creation of structured doodle designs through drawing various repetitive patterns. This art form is intended to enhance relaxation, inner focus, and build self-confidence.

Zero-point Perspective

A technique that creates the illusion of depth without parallel lines in an image, allowing for a sense of depth without vanishing points. This technique is commonly used in natural settings like mountain ranges or landscapes. Also referred to as “atmospheric perspective” or “aerial perspective.”

Zinc White

A common white pigment. Zinc white is a brilliant white synthetically derived from the metal zinc.


A printing process that uses zinc plates instead of stone plates made from fine lithographic limestone.

Zinnober Green

Another name for chrome green.


Describes forms of art and ornaments based on the shape, form, or likeness of an animal.

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