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A dictionary of art terms and definitions that begin with the letter K.

Used in typography to reduce or adjust the amount of space between letters or characters to give them the appearance of more even spacing, so those characters appear better fitted together. Also referred to as kerning. Letters most often benefiting from kerning include the letters i, l, and t.
(Pronounced “kill”) refers to an oven or furnace burning, baking, or drying, especially for firing pottery or ceramic.
Kinetic Art
A form of art that has mechanical parts which can be set in motion. The moving parts are generally powered by wind, a motor, or hand pressure. Kinetic art was established as a significant artistic movement in the 1950s.
A term of German origin used to categorize art or design considered to be in poor taste, lacking the sense of creativity and originality displayed in genuine art, because of excessive garishness or sentimentality, but sometimes appreciated in an ironic or knowing way.
Kneaded Eraser 
Art Terms and Definitions -- KA tool used by artists to remove graphite and charcoal particles from a paper drawing. It is made from a pliable material that resembles putty or gum that can be manipulated (kneaded) by hand into any shape for precision erasing, creating highlights, or performing detailing work.

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UPDATED: 13 March 2023 

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