Song of The Trees

trees painting
Song of The Trees painting by Teresa Bernard © Copyright 2023 – Present


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Details & Description

Title: Song of The Trees
Size: 24″ w x 36″ h
Canvas Type: Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvas
Frame: Unframed; Ready to Hang
Signed: On the front 
COA: Signed Certificate of Authenticity 
Series: Part of the Tree Series

A large landscape painting with pine trees in a thick forest. This artwork is ideal for adorning wide-open wall spaces.

A large one-of-a-kind painting depicting trees in a dense forest. The fog lingers in the background forest with a blue sky off in the distance. Teresa Bernard, an artist whose specialty is oil paintings, signs this piece in the lower left corner.

This trees canvas painting is painted by hand on gallery-wrapped stretched canvas. It doesn’t require a frame before display because the composition stretches around the sides of the canvas giving it a trendy look. But if framing is more your style, Song of The Trees is sure to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, office, or anyplace it may be seen and appreciated. This large-scale art piece comes with a custom Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

©️ is a copyright watermark and is used for online purposes only. It is not present on the actual canvas panting.

Artist Comments

I love trees! They are beneficial to our environment and well-being. Not to mention they have such a calming effect and are so beautiful. So I thought I would share a favorite poem about trees. The title of this painting was inspired by a poem.

A Favorite Poem About Trees

Song of the Trees

by Mary Colborne-Veel

We are the Trees.
Our dark and leafy glade
Bands the bright earth with softer mysteries.
Beneath us changed and tamed the seasons run:
In burning zones, we build against the sun
Long centuries of shade.

We are the Trees,
Who grow for man’s desire,
Heat in our faithful hearts, and fruits that please.
Dwelling beneath our tents, he lightly gains
The few sufficiencies his life attains—
Shelter, and food, and fire.

We are the Trees
That by great waters stand,
By rills that murmur to our murmuring bees.
And where, in tracts all desolate and waste,
The palm-foot stays, man follows on, to taste
Springs in the desert sand.

We are the Trees
Who travel where he goes
Over the vast, inhuman, wandering seas.
His tutors we, in that adventure brave—
He launched with us upon the untried wave,
And now its mastery knows.

We are the Trees
Who bear him company
In life and death. His happy sylvan ease
He wins through us; through us, his cities spread
That like a forest guard his unfenced head
’Gainst storm and bitter sky.

We are the Trees.
On us the dying rest
Their strange, sad eyes, in farewell messages.
And we, his comrades still, since earth began,
Wave mournful boughs above the grave of man,
And coffin his cold breast.

This poem is in the public domain.

Art Critique 
Read a fan's art critique of this painting at the following link: Artwork Review: Song of The Trees, written by Helena Lysander.

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Your Feedback

“I really do like it. What catches my eye is the brightness of the color you used sparingly to accent the leaves which draws the eyes around the entire painting. Not sure if that makes sense, but what I’m describing is a good thing. Well-done. :)” — @Who_Killed_SethRich, Gab

“Lovely. Just came back from rural Central Pennsylvania and this reminds me of the beauty we experienced there. ” — @Tglock34, TRUTH Social

“Beautiful work! Great atmosphere in this piece.” — @Inthehollow, Gab

“I don’t know how you make those trees so life-like, I can almost feel the breeze and smell them. Great work.” — @GrammaLiza, TRUTH Social

“This really catches my eye…excellent work.” — @Choctaw1, Gab

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