Artwork Review: Song of The Trees

artwork review
Artwork review of “Song of The Trees,” a painting by Teresa Bernard.

An artwork review of the artistic composition “Song of The Trees” written by Helena Lysander.

Title: “Song of The Trees” — An Enchanting Forest Sonata

Song of The Trees artwork is a mesmerizing landscape painting that transports viewers into a serene forest. Created by the talented artist Teresa Bernard, this large-scale artwork captures the essence of nature, inviting contemplation and wonder. As I gaze upon this painting, I am immediately drawn into a world where nature’s symphony unfolds. Let me share my personal reflections on this captivating piece of art.

Artistic Interpretation

The painting depicts a dense forest with towering pine trees. A soft fog lingers in the background, creating an ethereal atmosphere. The blue sky peeks through the trees in the distance, adding depth and contrast. Song of The Trees invites me to step into a tranquil forest, where the rustling leaves and whispering branches compose a melodic ode to existence. Teresa’s skillful brushwork brings the trees to life, capturing their majestic presence.

Artwork Analysis

The composition is both balanced and dynamic. Tall pine trees anchor the scene, their vertical lines guiding my gaze upward. The misty background adds depth, blurring the boundary between reality and reverie. I feel as though I could step into this forest and lose myself in its serenity.

The artist’s choice of colors resonates with the quietude of dawn. Cool blues and soft greens dominate the canvas, evoking the freshness of dew-kissed leaves. Hints of warm ochre peek through, like sunbeams filtering through foliage.

Teresa’s mastery lies in her ability to convey texture. The bark of the trees feels rough and ancient, while the distant fog appears soft and elusive. Her brushstrokes are deliberate yet fluid, capturing the organic rhythm of growth and decay.

Artist’s Inspiration

Teresa’s love for trees shines through this art piece. Trees symbolize resilience, shelter, and the passage of time. Inspired by a poem, she beautifully conveys their significance:

“We are the Trees,
Who grow for man’s desire,
Heat in our faithful hearts, and fruits that please.
Dwelling beneath our tents, he lightly gains
The few sufficiencies his life attains—
Shelter, and food, and fire.”

Personal Connection

Song of The Trees whispers secrets to me—the passage of time, resilience, and interconnectedness. Each tree stands as a witness to centuries, their roots entwined in a silent conversation. I sense the weight of history and the promise of renewal. As an artist myself, I find inspiration in Teresa’s work. She invites me to listen—to the wind rustling leaves, to the heartbeat of the forest. I long to pick up my own brush and translate nature’s symphony onto canvas.


Song of The Trees transcends mere representation. It invites contemplation, urging me to slow down, breathe, and attune myself to the quiet music of existence. Teresa Bernard has gifted us a timeless composition—an invitation to find our own song within the rustling leaves.

—Helena Lysander

This Painting is For Sale

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