Covered Wagon on The Prairie

An original one-of-its-kind landscape painting of a covered wagon in the American West. This painting depicts life on the open range.

covered wagon painting
Covered Wagon on The Prairie © Copyright 2010 – Present


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Details & Description

Title: Covered Wagon on The Prairie
Size:  20" w x 16" h
Canvas Type: Traditional Stretched Canvas
Frame: Unframed
Signed: On the front 
COA: Signed Certificate of Authenticity 
Series: Part of the Life in Texas Series

A Western landscape painting with a covered wagon on the prairie depicts life out on the open range. The details shown in the covered wagon are impressive and can be appreciated from a distance. The wagon waits alone as a lush green prairie rises in the background to meet a sky filled with overhanging puffy clouds. The painting is signed in the lower left side by Texas artist Teresa Bernard.

Covered Wagon on The Prairie is painted by hand on a conventional stretched canvas. Its sides are unpainted and raw. Prior to being displayed, this painting will need to be framed. This works well for those who love the finished or traditional look of art in a frame.

©️ is a copyright watermark, it does not appear on the actual canvas artwork.

Read more about the Life in Texas Series here.

Artist Comments

I love country living! Years ago, a small caravan of covered wagons and horses with riders would make their yearly trek past our small ranch from a nearby township. Our own horses would race to the fence line to watch as others of their kind passed by, and our dogs would bark to alert us to the passing caravan. Unfortunately, today it no longer makes this journey. This “wagon train” was the inspiration behind this covered wagon painting.

Covered wagons and pioneers are some of the first things that come to mind when I think of the Old West. I love that sense of adventure and pioneering spirit that drove early settlers to pack up their family, mount a covered wagon, and move across the Great Plains to settle out West. They are indeed an icon of the American Old West.

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Your Feedback

“I love to take painting classes. I can only do what the artist tells us to do. You have a wonderful talent.” — @brendafricks, MeWe

“Good morning, Teresa. Your artistic talent is quite obvious.” —  @MyAmericanMorning, Gab

“I love this painting, it reminds me of my working days out west. Wonderful work, thanks for sharing.” — @mikewood1039, MeWe

“Wow, I’d love to hear more about the folks who trekked past your ranch. That sounds like quite an interesting bit of history! Thank you for your amazing painting and the equally amazing story behind it. Your painting makes me think of a song where the lyrics are written by someone who has experienced something and shared that with the world instead of the empty words that populate corporate noise.” — @host_lope, Gab

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