A spacewalker is depicted in this space-themed painting. The astronaut is outside an orbiting spaceship looking toward the moon.

spacewalker painting
Spacewalker © Copyright 2022 – Present


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Details & Description

Title: Spacewalker
Size: 30″ w x 24″ h
Canvas Type: Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvas
Frame: Unframed; Ready to Hang
Signed: On the front 
COA: Signed Certificate of Authenticity

A large one-of-a-kind painting of an astronaut. The composition shows an American astronaut performing an activity in Earth’s orbit. The Earth, which has the North and South American continents depicted, is hovering over the spaceman’s left shoulder in the background, with a sparkling sea of stars beyond. The spacewalker is looking intently at the Moon, which is reflected in his helmet’s face shield. Artist Teresa Bernard signs her work in the lower right-hand corner.

This space art is painted by hand on gallery-wrapped stretched canvas. It doesn’t require a frame before display because the composition stretches around the sides of the canvas giving it a modern look. Whichever you prefer, framed or not, Spacewalker will make an excellent conservation starter that can be displayed in various settings, including homes and offices.

The copyright watermark ©️ is not depicted on the original canvas painting.

Artist Comments

Spacewalker is an original oil painting of an astronaut. This artwork depicts an adventure of a lifetime as one of America’s heroes leaves the confines of the shuttle and takes a spacewalk in Earth’s orbit.

More About the Spacewalkers

A “spacewalker” is an astronaut who maneuvers outside the spacecraft in outer space.  S/he may be tethered to the craft or propelled in the vacuum of space using a jet pack. To date, America has flown 129 astronaut spacewalkers into outer space. For a list of all spacewalkers see the link below.

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