Bow of The Boat

A wooden boat painting in a cropped composition of the boat’s bow. This large painting is simple and minimalist in design.

wooden boat painting
Bow of the Boat © Copyright 2021 – Present


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About this Wooden Boat Painting

bow of the wooden boat paintingTitle: Bow of the Boat
18″ w x 18″ h
Support: Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvas
Shape: Square
Description:  A nautical-themed painting of a wooden boat. The boat is completely isolated from the viewer, who can only see the boat’s bow and the water. This painting exhibits strong contrasts between light and dark, as well as warmth and cool. The warmth of the sun is felt as it strikes the bow of the boat and casts a dark shadow in the cool water below.

Bow of the Boat painting is composed on a gallery wrap stretched canvas and does not require a frame before display since the composition extends around the edges of the canvas. Hand-painted and signed by fine artist Teresa Bernard.

Copyright watermarks are prominently visible on all online artwork images. This watermark is to prevent unauthorized use of the painting’s image. It is not depicted in any of the original canvas paintings.

certificate of authenticity

This painting comes with an official Certificate of Authenticity. More information here.

Artist Comments

Artists are frequently influenced by other artists whose artwork they admire. The inspiration for Bow of the Boat came from an art teacher years ago. He enjoyed doing paintings of boats. In several of his paintings, he would crop out the rest of the boat to draw attention to a specific part or area of a boat, just as I did in this one.

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UPDATED: 12 July 2022

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