The Ballerina

Fine art painting of a ballerina in the spotlight. Ballet paintings are an excellent way to extend the agility and grace of ballet outside of the theater.

ballerina dancer wall art
The Ballerina © Copyright 2013 – Present


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Details & Description

Title: The Ballerina
Size: 24" w x 18" h
Canvas Type: Traditional Stretched Canvas
Signed: On the front 
COA: Signed Certificate of Authenticity

A realistic style painting of a ballerina in a blue tutu and pink ballet shoes. A bright spotlight shines down on her as she sits on the stage floor in a graceful pose. The dark background draws your attention to the ballerina.

Artist Teresa Bernard has signed The Ballerina in the lower left side. This original painting is hand-painted on a traditional stretched canvas. It will need to be framed before it can be displayed. This works nicely for folks who want the polished or classic look of a frame.

The actual canvas art does not have the copyright watermark ©️

Artist Comments

Ballet is a form of dance and artistic expression that I admire. I enjoy going to see live ballet performances. Nothing beats seeing these gifted musicians perform live. It’s a sight to behold as one takes in the music, the sets, the ambiance, and the grace with which these dancers move across the stage telling a story.

Performing ballet is not for “the faint at heart.” Dancers who want to become professional dancers begin training as young as two years old. And becoming a member of a professional dance company requires years of extensive training and proper technique. Furthermore, because the style and technique of this art form can be so demanding on the body, ballerinas are frequently at high risk of injury.

I was in my late teens when I saw my first ballet performance. My best friend Cyndie and her family had tickets to see the Nutcracker Suite at a local theater. I can’t remember why, but Cyndie couldn’t attend, so she gave me her ticket. She felt of all her friends, I would appreciate the ballet the most, and she was right! Thank you, Cyndie, for allowing me to have your seat at the ballet. I’ve loved this art form ever since.

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Your Feedback

“I love this! I have a soft spot for paintings of dancers 🙂 So beautiful!!” — @wildpeoniesstudio, TRUTH Social

“Beautiful! My daughter was a competitive dancer.” — @Beachgirl20, Gab

“I agree!!! In my world, nothing compares to the beauty of ballet!!! Your painting is exquisite!!! I Love it. Thank You for sharing your passion and talent with us. Godspeed — @lisalynn11, TRUTH Social

“Beautiful! I love to see people’s artwork. I have no talent along those lines but I sure like to look.” — @EzAz12C, Gab

“I know this painting!!! I was looking for a dance painting and my search results yielded this painting and five thousand Degas ballerinas! You’re so gifted. So much stunning work ❤️❤️❤️ — @uniontrinity, TRUTH Social

“Beautiful piece. I love this one. I’m partial to ballet only because my daughter dances.” — @HepflDesigns, TRUTH Social

“Beautiful original art in oils from this lady, Teresa Bernard. She covers a big variety of subjects and styles. I’ve just been enjoying a peruse. I love the light in this one in particular.” — @Tooma, Gab

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