Raging African Elephant

A one-of-a-kind realistic painting of an African bull elephant.

african elephant painting
Raging African Elephant © Copyright 2007 – Present

SOLD: This painting was sold to a private art collector in North Carolina.

Customer Feedback

“[The] Painting has arrived. I am pleased to add it to my collection. Thank you.” — H. Shaw, Winston Salem NC

Details & Description

Title: Raging African Elephant
Size: 18″ w x 24″ h
Canvas Type: Traditional Stretched Canvas
Signed: On the front 
Series: Part of the Adventures in Africa Series

A realistic painting depicting the wildlife of Africa. This specific painting is of an African bull elephant. Hand-painted and signed in the lower left by artist Teresa Bernard.

The copyright watermark ©️ teresabernardart.com is not on the actual canvas artwork.

Read more about the Adventures in Africa Series.

Artist Comments

As an artist, I’m always looking for good reference photos to paint from. Taking lots of photos myself is one way I get them. Others like to give me their photos to use as well. Using resources like this to paint from is something many artists do when they paint. Other artists like to paint on location but will still take a photo of the scenery to take home. They use them to finish up their painting when they are back in their studio.

Several years ago, some acquaintances of mine went on an African safari. While there, they snapped a photo of an elephant and emailed it to me. They thought I might like to use it as a resource photo for a painting of an African elephant. And they were right! I liked it so much that I painted it.

Some Interesting Facts About African Elephants

African elephants are native to Africa and are the world’s largest land animals. They are distinguished by their massive flapping ears and ivory tusks. The fact that these animals are hunted for their ivory tusks and that their natural habitat is shrinking has contributed to their inclusion on the endangered species list. They are, in fact, one of Africa’s most endangered species. In the 1980s, around 1 million African elephants roamed Africa’s plains; today, the total population is less than 470,000.

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