Pet Portrait of Frank

A commission pet portrait painting of a black Labrador Retriever named Frank.

pet portrait painting
Pet Portrait of Frank © Copyright 2010 – Present

SOLD: This painting is a commission and has been sold. A private art collector in Illinois owns Pet Portrait of Frank.

Customer Feedback

Teresa, the painting arrived and it looks wonderful! I can’t wait to see my wife’s reaction this weekend. — R. Draper, Granville IL

Details & Description

Title: Pet Portrait of Frank
Size: 12″ w x 16″ h
Canvas Type: Traditional Stretched Canvas
Signed: On the front

A pet portrait painting of a black Labrador Retriever. The dog is posing in a park, with a pond in the background and a large tree above him.  Hand-painted on quality stretched canvas and signed by pet artist Teresa Bernard.

Artist Comments

My husband and I both love animals and we will always rescue abandoned pets that God sends our way. We live in the country, and unwanted pets are often left at our place. We take them in, clean them up, feed them, get them medical attention if they need it, and place them in new loving homes.

Dogs are such loving and loyal creatures, and it just breaks my heart when they end up as “throw-a-away” pets. Sandy, a yellow lab, was one of those unfortunate dogs who found her way to our door. We took her in too. Only this time, we adopted her as a family pet. We now have five dogs and three cats, and we love every one of them as part of our family.

When I was commissioned to do this dog portrait of a black lab, a beloved pet named Frank, I was delighted. Frank was a family dog that passed away a while back, and his family still missed him. I did the portrait from a favorite photo of him, so I kept the painting as close to the photograph as I could. The painting was to be a surprise gift to my client’s wife for Mother’s Day. It was my pleasure to do this painting for a fellow dog lover.

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