The Ballerina

ballerina dancer painting
The Ballerina © Copyright 2013 – Present

Size: 24″ w x 18″h
Support: Traditional-style Stretched Canvas
Description: A realistic style painting of a ballerina in a blue tutu and pink ballet shoes. She is sitting on the floor in a graceful pose while a bright spotlight shines down upon her. The background is dark ensuring your focus is solely on the ballerina. This painting is signed by fine artist Teresa Bernard.

The Ballerina is hand-painted on a traditional-style stretched canvas. It will need to be mounted in a frame before it is put on display. Adding a frame will give the painting a finished look.

painting depicting a ballerina
Not to scale

Artist Comments

Ballet is a form of dance and artistic expression that I admire. I love live ballet performances. Nothing can compare with watching these talented artists on stage. It is something to behold as one experiences the music, the sets, the ambiance, and the gracefulness of these dancers as they move across the stage conveying a story.

Performing ballet is not for “the faint at heart.” Dancers start training as young as two years of age if they want to become professional dancers. And it takes years of extensive training and proper technique to hone one’s skill enough to become part of a professional dance company. In addition, ballerinas are often at high risk of injury because the style and technique of this art form can be so demanding on the body.

I was in my late teens when I saw my first ballet performance. My best friend Cyndie and her family had tickets to see the Nutcracker Suite at a local theater. I can’t remember why, but Cyndie couldn’t attend, so she gave me her ticket. She felt of all her friends, I would appreciate the ballet the most, and she was right! Thank you, Cyndie, for allowing me to have your seat at the ballet. I’ve loved this art form ever since.

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