Yaquina Head Lighthouse

A painting depicting a view of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse from below. The beacon sits atop a tall tower bathed in the warmth of the sun.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse painting
Yaquina Head Lighthouse © Copyright 2021 – Present

SOLD: This painting has been sold to a private art buyer in Nevada.

Details & Description

Title: Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Size: 9″ w x 12″ h
Canvas Type: Canvas Panel Board
Signed: On the front 
COA: Signed Certificate of Authenticity 
Series: Part of the Lighthouse Series

A painting of Yaquina Head Lighthouse as seen from below and looking up. From this artwork, one gets a sense of its height as it towers above the keeper’s quarters with a blue sky overhead, while the warm sun shines upon the column that supports its beacon. This hand-painted artwork is signed by oil painting artist Teresa Bernard.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse is hand-painted on a quality canvas panel board. It will need to be framed before it can be displayed.

©️ teresabernardart.com is a copyright watermark and is used exclusively online. It is not on the physical canvas artwork.

Artist Comments

The beautiful Yaquina Head Lighthouse (pronounced “ya-queen-eh” by locals) was built in 1872-73 on the Oregon coast just north of Newport. The lighthouse is named after an American Indian tribe of the same name that is now nearly extinct. It is a popular tourist destination, with visitors coming to explore the surrounding beaches and tide pools.

The composition of this painting is almost a “worm’s-eye view” of the famous Yaquina Head Lighthouse. That struck me as an intriguing angle. I was hesitant to paint the lighthouse at first because I wasn’t sure I could get the angle right. However, I’m glad I overcame my apprehension and decided to paint the lovely lighthouse anyway. I love how it turned out.

Your Feedback

“Have always wanted to live in a lighthouse! Love this painting and its perspective! Great job!!” — kennethk3475, Rural Life, Gab

“Very nice! Looks a lot like Pigeon Point lighthouse. — @mamasan4, TRUTH Social

“Beautiful work, Teresa…you really know how to bring out the dimension and form of your subject(s) – I see a lot of positive influences from other artists in your work, but will just say I like what you’re doing … I’ll keep checking back for more paintings!” — @TK_MAJOR,  TRUTH Social

“My dad was stationed in the coast guard at this lighthouse in the 1950’s. My mom’s family was from that area and when he came out west in the coast guard he met mom there on the Oregon coast.” — @bWellzwinz, Gab

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