Fine Art Critique: Currituck Beach Lighthouse

Fine art critique
Fine art critique of “Currituck Beach Lighthouse,” a painting by Teresa Bernard.

A fine art critique of “Currituck Beach Lighthouse” oil painting written by Tomeka Carrera.

Let me share my thoughts on Teresa Bernard’s oil painting titled “Currituck Beach Lighthouse,” an 11×14 inch work of art on stretched canvas.

What I See

As I gaze upon this artwork, I am immediately drawn into the serene beauty of North Carolina’s Outer Banks. The Currituck Beach Lighthouse stands tall, its red brick exterior contrasting against the clear blue sky. Teresa’s attention to detail captures the lighthouse’s timeless elegance—the way it rises above the surrounding trees, a beacon of hope and guidance for sailors and travelers.

The art piece is both inviting and nostalgic. The lighthouse’s distinct form, reminiscent of old-world architecture, evokes a sense of history and purpose. I appreciate how Teresa has portrayed the raw, unpainted brickwork, emphasizing its natural texture. The composition allows the viewer to focus entirely on the central subject, as if standing on the lighthouse grounds, gazing upward.

Teresa’s choice of a traditional stretched canvas adds to the painting’s authenticity. The side-stapled edges left unpainted create a raw, unfiltered quality, as if we’re witnessing the artist’s process. I imagine this piece framed, hanging in a cozy coastal cottage, where its presence would evoke memories of sun-kissed days and salt-scented air.

Inspiration Behind the Artwork

Teresa Bernard’s personal connection to the Currituck Lighthouse resonates with me. Her description of climbing its 220 steps and taking in the spectacular view transports me to that very moment. It’s as if we share a memory—a shared appreciation for this iconic structure.

The Currituck Beach Lighthouse, with its distinct red brick and contrasting appearance, stands as a testament to maritime history. Its purpose remains relevant even today, lighting the dark stretches of the Atlantic coastline. As an admirer of lighthouses, I find solace in this painting—a reminder of resilience, navigation, and the beauty of our coastal heritage.

In summary, “Currituck Beach Lighthouse” by Teresa Bernard invites us to pause, reflect, and appreciate the timeless allure of these guardians of the sea.

—Tomeka Carrera

This Painting is For Sale
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