Oil Painting Critique: Monument Valley

oil painting critique
Oil painting critique of “Monument Valley,” an artwork by Teresa Bernard.

An oil painting critique of “Monument Valley” written by Maverick Camden.

Title: “Monument Valley — Navajo Nation” Oil Painting Critique

Teresa Bernard’s oil painting captures the essence of Utah’s Monument Valley National Park, a sacred area that is part of the Navajo Nation Reservation. The red-rock buttes stretch into the distance beneath a vast blue sky, lending the artwork a profound sense of depth. I appreciate the way Teresa skillfully portrays the rugged beauty of this desert expanse.

The composition draws the viewer’s eye toward the distant mesas, their imposing forms standing as silent sentinels in the sandy desert. The play of warm and cool tones creates a harmonious balance, emphasizing the stark contrast between the earthy reds and the expansive sky. The use of light and shadow adds dimension, making the landscape come alive.

Overall, “Monument Valley — Navajo Nation” invites viewers to immerse themselves in the rugged grandeur of the American Southwest. Teresa Bernard’s skillful brushwork and reverence for the landscape shine through in this captivating piece.

—Maverick Camden

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