Fence Post in The Snow

A winter landscape painting depicting a fence post in the snow.

Fence Post Snow painting
Fence Post In The Snow © Copyright 2001 – Present

SOLD: This snow painting was sold to a private art collector in Massachusetts.

About this Snow Painting

Title: Fence Post in the Snow
9″ w x 12″ h
Support: Canvas panel board
Description: A winter landscape painting featuring snow, barbwire, and fence post on a cold, snowy day. This small snow painting is an excellent way to bring the wintery outdoors inside.

Fence Post in the Snow is a serene and nostalgic art piece. The beauty of a simple fence post in the snow is captured in this painting. The snow is perfect, and the fence post is sturdy and tall.

This painting is composed on a quality canvas panel and does require a frame before it is displayed. Hand-painted and signed by artist Teresa Bernard.

Artist Comments

This painting is one of my earlier works. Its wintery landscape setting is one of my favorite snow paintings. I enjoyed painting this fence post with all its knots, texture, and that hole. Painting those shadows in the snow turned out to be quite interesting too. I almost skipped the barbed wire because I thought it would be difficult to paint. I’m glad I didn’t leave it out because I’m pleased with how it turned out.

UPDATE: I have another fence post painting. It is called “Fence Post in the Meadow.” Check it out!

Fence Post in the Meadow painting
Fence Post In The Meadow (2020)
9″ w x 12″ h


Your Feedback

“You captured your feelings in these snow pictures they are truly a work of art. You will be recommended to my friends and please make lithographs for future release maybe in years to come. By all means, I’d love to see more of these.” — L. Mundy, Santa Clarita CA

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