Art Critique: Still Life with Fruit and Candle

fruit and candle still life art critique
Art critique of “Still Life with Fruit and Candle,” a painting by Teresa Bernard.

An art critique of “Still Life with Fruit and Candle” written by Boykin Reid.

The oil painting, “Still Life with Fruit and Candle” by Teresa Bernard, certainly merits a fair critique. However, a thorough analysis is essential to appreciate the unique contributions this piece offers to the medium of oil paintings, distinguishing it from others.

To State the Obvious

The objects arranged on the table—fruit, a goblet, and a candle in a stand— create an almost intimate dynamic in the picture. The draped canopy from the poster bed in the background suggests wine and a snack shared by candlelight. The simple arrangement of these items, combined with masterful lighting, evokes vivid imagery. The shading directs a morning-like glow, breathing life into the ‘reflection’ theme of the work. It’s easy to perceive this as a moment captured in memory, a sentiment many will draw from this beautiful composition.

Upon viewing this artwork, the immediate standout is the stark contrast between the fruit at the foreground and the canopy in the background. The artist’s decision to place the still life in this manner was astute, guiding the viewer’s gaze from the initial focal point to the diminishing hues in the background. Teresa’s intent to encapsulate the canopy’s vivid colors alongside the fruit’s placement is evident. Observe the progression of colors: green leaves and pears in the foreground, followed by the purple grapes, then blue plum, culminating with the red apple and yellow pear at the rear. This color arrangement accentuates the central browns and coppers of the goblet and candle stand, allowing for a comprehensive view of the scene without overwhelming the foreground with color.

It is also worth commending the positioning of the pillow as it guides the viewer’s gaze from the bottom right to the top left, demonstrating a thoughtful use of canvas space.

Praiseworthy Notables

In terms of application to the medium, I have a several notable praises for this exceptional work by Teresa.

Firstly, the brushwork is distinct and superb! I love the way that the candle stand’s lighting is very organic and it’s clear that each stroke was thoughtfully applied. Each stroke was obviously considered and of all the lighting in the piece, this particular object captivates me the most.

Additionally, the wall to the right behind the table deserves praise. It provides a textured moment in the piece that is a delight for observers. The wall might well be missed on the first pass through of the art piece, but upon second glance, it became one of my favorite things. The attention to detail was very much appreciated here with attempting to properly texture and color the aged surface and I commend the effort!

A Summary of My Critique

The artwork beautifully captures the essence of a transient glance and exudes a contemplative aura. The colors are expertly placed, demonstrating a profound understanding of spatial awareness. The excellent lighting and meticulous brushwork contribute to a stunning composition, highlighted by the striking illumination of the candle stand and the wall behind the figure. It’s a delightful piece and a commendable contribution to the art form.

A very unique and beautiful piece by Teresa Bernard and I look forward to many more by her!

—Boykin Reid

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