Fine Art Review: Sea of Galilee at Capernaum

fine art review
Fine art review of Sea of Galilee at Capernaum, a painting by Teresa Bernard.

A fine art review of the artistic work “Sea of Galilee at Capernaum” written by Marcus Zephyr.

Let me share my thoughts on the oil painting titled “Sea of Galilee at Capernaum” by Teresa Bernard.

This one-of-a-kind oil painting beautifully captures the modern-day Sea of Galilee and its surroundings. The composition draws the viewer’s eye to the foreground, where the shore of Capernaum is depicted in a painterly style using brown, red, and green hues. The brushwork conveys a sense of movement and texture, evoking the natural landscape.

Contemplating this artwork, I’m reminded of the biblical significance of the Sea of Galilee. It’s the very place where Jesus performed miracles, including walking on water. The lake itself, nestled between the Golan Heights and the Galilee region, stretches approximately 13 miles in length and 8 miles in width. The Jordan River feeds its waters, and its shores have witnessed profound moments in Christian history.

The artist, Teresa Bernard, skillfully captures the essence of this sacred location. Her love for God’s word and Bible readings inspired her to create this painting. Although she hasn’t visited Israel personally, her connection to the Holy Land shines through her work. The reference photo she used, courtesy of the “Pictorial Library of Bible Lands,” allowed her to faithfully depict the Sea of Galilee and its significance.

In summary, “Sea of Galilee at Capernaum” invites viewers to contemplate the interplay of faith, nature, and history. It’s a testament to the enduring impact of this biblical site, where Jesus called His first disciples and began His ministry. As an art lover, I appreciate how Teresa Bernard’s brushstrokes convey both reverence and wonder.

—Marcus Zephyr

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