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An online art gallery and biography of oil painting Artist Teresa Bernard.

Teresa’s featured works are pictured below. Please explore this website for more of her oil paintings and be sure to check out her past work  and commissioned work too.

NEW! Check out Teresa’s blog where she talks about her paintings and what inspired her to paint them.

Texas cowboy sunsetCowboy Sunset — 18″ x 24″ • Click here for more info.

Forgotten Roads of Bygone Days — 18″ x 24″ • Click here for more info.
A.K.A “The Bonnie and Clyde Car”.

Covered Wagon on the Prairie — 16″ x 20″ • Click here for more info.

Art Commissions
commission artist for hire

Teresa is also a commission artist and has done paintings for fellow art enthusiasts around the world. If you have a painting in mind, follow link for information on how to commission a painting.