Index of Art Articles, Lessons, and Quizzes

An index of art articles, information, lessons, and other art-related resources.

Art Appreciation Index

ACEO and ATC Collectables (a.k.a Art Cards)

index of art articlesBible Scripture and Visual Art

Choosing the Perfect Oil Painting for Your Home or Office

Classification of Fine Art Paintings by Genre

Flower Paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe, The

Flower Paintings of Vincent van Gogh, The

Importance of Varnishing Oil Paintings, The

Know Your Art Painting Styles: 7 Most Popular

Many Types of Oil Painting Surfaces, The

Paintings of Sunsets by Claude Monet

What Are The Classifications of Art?

What is Art Appreciation?

What is Fine Art?

Art Dictionary

A glossary of common art terms and definitions.

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Art Lessons


Basic Elements of Art, The(An Introduction)

Basic Art Element — Color, Part 1    |    Part 2

Basic Art Element — Line

Basic Art Element — Space

Basic Art Element — Texture

Basic Art Element — Value


Principles of Good Design: An Introduction

Principles of Good Design: Balance

Principles of Good Design: Contrast

Principles of Good Design: Emphasis

Principles of Good Design: Movement

Principles of Good Design: Proportion

Principles of Good Design: Space

Principles of Good Design: Visual Economy

Principles of Good Design: Unity

Art Supplies Index

About Artist Stretcher Bar Frames

All You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Artist Brushes and Then Some — Part 1    |    Part 2    |    Part 3

Anatomy of The Artist Paintbrush

Artist Grade or Student Grade Oil Paint, Making a Choice

Common Paint Media Used By Artists

Complete List of Art Supplies for The Beginning Oil Painter

There Are Palette Knives, and Then There Are Painting Knives

Taking The Mystery Out of Mahl Sticks

Types of Artist Brushes for Oil Painting

Types of Canvas Available for Painting

Types of Bristles for Oil Painting Brushes

What Every Oil Painter Needs to Know About Artist Oils, Part 1    |    Part 2

What to Know About an Artist’s Oil Painting Palette — Part 1    |     Part 2

What to Know About Gesso

Art Tips Index

10 Tips for Painting Mountains

Creating Better Compositions In All Your Paintings

Creating Depth On A Flat Surface

Is It Really Okay For Artists To Use Reference Photos? Part 1   |    Part 2

Making and Using a Viewfinder to Compose Better Paintings

Naming Your Artwork — Tips for Fine Artists

The Rules of Perspective Drawing

Two Composition Techniques to Use in Your Paintings

Using a Grid to Enlarge and Transfer an Image to Canvas

Using Atmospheric Perspective to Create Depth in Your Paintings

Using Linear Perspective to Create Depth in Your Paintings

Test Your Knowledge of Art

Can You Name These Famous Paintings From History?

Do You Know The Definition Of These Art Terms?

Test Your Knowledge of Art Appreciation

Test Your Knowledge of COLOR Theory

Test Your Knowledge of Fine Art: Elements and Principles of Design

Test Your Knowledge of Fine Art: Painting

Who are the Artists of These Famous Paintings?

Other Art Indexes of Interest

My Artist Blog Index

My Oil Paintings Index

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