Tiger Lily Blossom Close-up

Tiger Lily painting
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Size: 6″ w x 6″ h
Support: Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvas
Description:  A painting featuring the close-up of a tiger lily blossom. This small painting will not need a frame because the image wraps around the edges of the canvas support. Hand-painted and signed by fine artist Teresa Bernard.

SOLD: This painting has been sold to an art buyer in California.

Artist Comments

I bought two dozen small 6″ x 6″ canvases one day simply because they were on sale. Yes, I know impulse buying isn’t always good because it can lead to buyer’s remorse. However, in this case, it worked out great. I discovered I enjoy doing smaller-sized paintings like this. The next thing I had to decide was what am I going to paint on them. Several ideas came to mind, and flowers were one of them. I realized flowers were a good choice since a single blossom would fit nicely on this size canvas. I’ve done several mini-sized flower compositions, and this Tiger Lily painting is one. This composition is a close-up looking at the center of the blossom.

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Your Feedback

“It’s lovely. Technically tho, it’s a “small painting” not a miniature. A miniature must be 25 sq. inches or less and 1/6th scale. You should try doing something like that, you paint so well. There are international miniature shows in Baltimore and Florida each year along with others in England, etc.” — Carol Michaletz, The Art Gallery, MeWe

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UPDATED: 18 December 2021

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