Still Life with Fruit and Candle

still life with fruit and candle painting
Still Life with Fruit and Candle © Copyright 2004 – Present

Size: 14″ w x 11″ h
Support: Traditional-style Stretched Canvas
Description:  A still life painting featuring a bedside table with fruit and candle. It features an assortment of fruit consisting of grapes, pears, an apple, and a plum sitting in front of a rustic candle on top of a wood planked table. A metal goblet sits near the edge of the table. In the background is red drapery and pillow which complete the composition. All of these elements help to give this painting a European look and feel. It is signed by artist Teresa Bernard.

Still Life with Fruit and Candle is hand-painted on a traditional-style stretched canvas. This painting with its unpainted sides requires a frame to give it that finished look for exhibition in your home or office.

painting of a still life with Fruit and Candle
Not to scale

Artist Comments

An artist’s inspiration can come from many places. A bedside table with an interesting table setting of fruit, an old candle, and a metal goblet was the inspiration for this still life painting.

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“Excellent! Colors and depth are outstanding.” — DP1224, Rural Life, Gab

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