Portrait of Tera

portrait painting

© Copyright 2005 – Present

Size: 16″ x 20″
Support: Stretched canvas

Artist Comments: This is a portrait painting of my daughter Tera. I painted it using her high school senior portrait as a reference photo. However the background in the painting is an entirely different setting than what was used in the photo. At the time I did her painting Tera was attending college studying to become a librarian so I chose a library setting for the background instead.

All through high school Tera had wanted to become a librarian and even worked after school and weekends at a local branch of the public library. She loved books and reading and still does to this day. The background in her painting is of a fictional place and is not the library she was working at during high school.

This was a fun painting to do and I took my time with it as I wanted everything to be just right. First of all, the subject matter is near and very dear to my heart. Secondly it was both fun and challenging to paint all those books on the shelves. I captured a very good likeness of Tera with this painting, however when I photographed it for my website, I realize my photography skills need some improvement.

Portrait of Tera is part of my private art collection and is not for sale. Someday it will be passed down to Tera as a family heirloom, but for now it continues to hang on the wall in my living room.

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Portrait of Robert

portrait oil painting

© Copyright 2003 – Present

Size: 12″ x 16″
Support: Stretched canvas

Artist Comments: This painting is a portrait of my husband Robert at the helm of our sailboat Misty Blue. I did this painting from a photo I took during a trip we made on the boat going up the Innercoastal Waterway.

On this particular trip Robert, who was in the Navy at the time, was being transferred from Jacksonville FL to the naval base in Norfolk VA. We had to figure out a way to move our 36 ft. sailboat from a marina near where we lived in FL to VA so we decided to sail it instead of having it shipped. (That decision saved us a ton of money and made us rich with memories!) At first we were sailing out in open waters up the east coast, but a storm suddenly came up forcing us to go inland and up the ICW instead. It was a bit frightening for me when we encountered that storm because it was my first sailing trip, however Robert handled it and the sails like the sailing pro he is!

Robert was on deployment with his ship at sea for six months when I started his portrait. I finished it before his return. He had no idea was I doing this painting and was very surprised to see his portrait when he returned home.

This painting is part of my private art collection and is not for sale. One day it will be passed down to his son Travis has a family heirloom, but until that day it will continue to hang in our living room.

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