Full Moon Rising

full moon rising oil painting
Full Moon Rising © Copyright 2013 – Present

Size: 20″ w x 16″ h
Support: Gallery wrap stretched canvas
Description: This is a painting depicting the full moon rising to light up the night sky. The moon appears above a silhouetted line of trees in the foreground and a star-filled sky in the background.

This full moon painting does not require a frame as the painted image extends around the edges of the canvas. Hand-painted and signed by fine artist Teresa Bernard.

painting of a full moon
Not to scale

Artist Comments

Full Moon Rising was inspired by the east Texas moon. My favorite time to take a walk is in the late evening before turning in for the night. I love looking up into the night sky and seeing the stars and the moon on a cloudless or almost cloudless night. I especially love the times when the moon shines so brightly it lights up the night so it looks almost like day! Just one of the many “bennies” of country living.

The Far Side of the Moon

FYI…Did you know the common belief the moon has a dark side is a myth? The truth is both sides of the Moon see the same amount of sunlight. The Moon rotates around on its axis about once every 27 days. This is approximately the same amount of time it takes to orbit the Earth, which means the same side is always facing the Earth. Astronomers call this phenomenon “synchronous rotation.” Only about 59% of the moon is ever visible to Earth throughout an entire orbit. The rest of the 41% — the part we call “dark” — is the part we never get to see from Earth. The “far side” of the Moon has only been seen by the human eye from a spacecraft.

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Your Feedback

“What a magnificent painting you have made!” — Zevhiroth, Deviant Art

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First Footprint on the Moon

first footprint on the moon painting
First Footprint on the Moon © Copyright 2012 – Present

Size: 18″ x 24″
Support: Gallery wrap stretched canvas
Description: A rendition of man’s first step onto the surface of earth’s moon.

SOLD: This lunar landscape oil painting was a commission and has already been sold to an art collector in Japan.

Customer Feedback

I received my painting! Thank you very much, it’s a beautiful work of art! — P. Cooper, Yokosuka, Japan

Artist Comments

This painting depicts the historic event of man’s first walk on the moon. It is one of two custom paintings commissioned by an art collector living in Japan. The other painting is “Land Rover Tracks of Mars.”

Land Rover Tracks of Mars painting
Land Rover Tracks of Mars

Man first stepped on the moon on July 20, 1969. The iconic footprint depicts the infamous day when Neil Armstrong first put his left foot on the rocky Moon surface. The Apollo 11 crew had taken TV cameras with them, which meant people worldwide could watch when it happened. You can read more about this historic event on NASA’s website:  Apollo 11 – First Footprint on the Moon.

First Footprint on the Moon is my first painting of the space art genre. Since I have never been to the moon nor seen the iconic footprint in person, it required some research on my part to come up with this composition. First, I used a NASA photo of the footprint and spent time studying their photos of the moon’s surface to get an idea of what it would be like there. Then, for the background, I used photos of strange “alien-looking” landscapes found right here on earth to complete the composition. Then, I added the distant view of earth in the night sky to add the finishing touch. My client loved his painting when it was done. I love it too. He was so happy with it that he commissioned me to do another one for him. This time the setting would be Mars.

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