Still Life with Coral and Lantern

A still life painting with a marine theme consists of some coral and a rustic lantern with a white candle.

marine still life painting
Still Life with Coral and Lantern © Copyright 2004 – Present

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About this Marine Still Life Painting

marine nautical still life painting

Title: Still Life with Coral and Lantern
14″ w x 11″ h
Support: Traditional-style Stretched Canvas
Description: A marine still life painting consisting of coral and lantern. The turquoise and tangerine coral sit in front of a rustic lantern with a white candle on top of a round pink marble table. In the background is a nondescript wallpaper with splashes of teal and tan colors and a window that lets in a strong light shining in on the table setting. The painting is signed by oil painting artist Teresa Bernard.

Still Life with Coral and Lantern is hand-painted on a traditional-style stretched canvas. Its sides are raw and unpainted. This painting will need to be framed to give it that finished look before it is put on view.

certificate of authenticity

This painting comes with an official Certificate of Authenticity. More information here.

Artist Comments

Artists will often use reference photos to compose their paintings. Sometimes they will create their composition from only one photo, and other times several photos are used. There’s nothing wrong with painting from photographs; artists do it all the time.

Still Life with Coral and Lantern combines several such reference photographs that depicted the nautical elements I wanted to portray in my artwork. One of those elements was coral. Coral can be in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Although, pinks and reds are the most common colors. They are tiny sea creatures that live in the ocean in large colonies that look like plants. They will live all of their adult lives in one place and prefer the places where the water is warmer. When they die, their skeletons form a hard stony substance, also called coral. Large deposits of coral often accumulate to form reefs or islands.

I had never used coral in a painting before, so as I considered painting a still life with a nautical theme, I felt it would be interesting to include some coral in this one. I’m happy with how it turned out, and I especially like the nautical lantern to finish out this marine-themed still life.

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Fisherman in a Red Rowboat

A seascape with a fisherman and a red rowboat is depicted in this oil painting. It’s an ideal piece of art that you can proudly display on your wall.

fisherman painting
The Fisherman in a Red Rowboat © Copyright 2003 – Present

SOLD: This ocean-view painting has been sold to a private art collector in Virginia.

About this Fisherman Painting

Title: Fisherman in a Red Rowboat
9″ w x 12″ h
Support: Canvas panel board
Description:  A seascape with a fisherman and a bright red rowboat. The small fishing boat is moored to a piling surrounded by a calm sea. The sky is cloudy and overcast.  Inside the boat, a fisherman holds a fishing rod, waiting for a fish to take his bait. The colors are vibrant and full of life in this piece, and its composition is serene and calming.  It makes an excellent gift choice for someone who enjoys fishing.

Fisherman in a Red Rowboat is a seascape painting composed on a quality canvas panel board, it will require a frame before it is displayed. Hand-painted and signed by fine artist Teresa Bernard.

Artist Comments

Fishing is a popular recreation and pastime for those lucky enough to find the time to fish for the “big one.” I don’t particularly like to fish myself, I find it rather boring, however, I do have several friends who enjoy this sport. But this doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy painting someone fishing. I do!

I found this particular fisherman painting an interesting subject to paint with that red boat tied up to a piling. This is one of my earlier paintings and unfortunately, I don’t have a better photograph of it. It is so much more wonderful when viewed in person.

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