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Teresa Bernard

Texas born artist Teresa Bernard began painting in her pre-teens under the instruction of her father Royce G. Phillips. Her dad, a professional artist himself, introduced Teresa to the world of fine art and oil painting. Royce was an oil painter who also taught art classes in their nearby hometown and the surrounding communities of Ballinger, Bronte, Edith, Robert Lee and Winters, Texas. He taught Teresa the love of art by teaching her how to paint. In addition, he taught her the fundamentals of art, composition and how to work in a variety of mediums, specifically oil paint, pencil sketches and charcoal drawings. There aren’t many artists who come from a succession of artists in their family, and Teresa is one among those with this particular distinction. Sadly her father passed away in 1976 during her senior year of high school. So that she could continue her studies in the fine arts, Teresa left home after graduation to attend college.

Formal Art Education

After graduating high school, Teresa attended college in Pasadena, California, where she continued her studies in the fine arts. There she studied art history and the “Old Masters,” color theory, acrylic and oil painting, drawing in a number of mediums, 2-D and 3-D design, perspective and art composition. While attending college there, Teresa also studied commercial art, graphic design, production art, typography, photography and other design related subjects, in addition to her fine art classes. This is when Teresa decided to pursue a career in graphic art creating artwork for the print media.

Years later Teresa acquired web design skills when she took some online college courses in HTML, JavaScript, and DHTML. Since then, on-going independent studies has allowed her to acquire skills in working with ASP, cascading style sheets, shopping carts, WordPress, internet and social media marketing, as well as, search engine optimization.

Web & Graphic Design Education

    • Pasadena Community College, Pasadena CA
    • Platt College, Eagle Rock CA
    • Oregon Polytechnic Institute, Portland OR
    • University of Illinois, Online
    • Tyler Junior College School of Continuing Studies, Tyler TX

Fine Art Instruction

    • Royce Glen Phillips, Private Instructor, Bronte and Robert Lee TX
    • Pasadena Community College, Pasadena CA
    • Peninsula Fine Arts Center, Newport News VA
    • Charles H. Taylor Arts Center, Hampton VA

Professional Design Positions

Teresa’s commercial art career spans over three decades. During that time she has held positions as:

    • Desktop publisher and advertising designer for a trade publication and five community newspapers
    • Graphic designer for several print shops
    • Graphic designer in the marketing department of a prestigious hospital
    • Art director of an international magazine
    • Website designer/developer and search engine optimization (SEO) specialist for several Internet development companies
    • Webmaster for an online retail store and eBay store
    • Advertising design assistant for a major retail grocery chain
    • Graphic artist for a specialty printing and silk screening company

Oil Painting, Her True Passion

Although her professional career has kept Teresa very busy through the years, she still loves oil painting in her spare time. She exhibits her paintings online, at art shows and fairs, and sells them wherever she can. Teresa has made a name for herself as a fine artist and, thanks to the Internet, she has sold her paintings around the world. It is her dream to eventually retire from commercial art and make her true passion, oil painting, her career.

UPDATE: Teresa is now retired from the world of commercial art and resides in east Texas on a small horse ranch with her husband Robert. Although she may be retired from the workforce, she will not being retiring from her art. Teresa spends a great deal of her time focusing on her oil paintings and paints almost on a daily basis. She prefers to share her newly completed paintings on this website and in her newsletter called News At The Studio.

Teresa uses her newsletter to update her fans about new paintings she has completed and to make announcements regarding news and other things going on in the art studio. You can join the mailing list to receive her newsletter by signing up for it when the slide-in form appears. (You may have to navigate to another page to allow the form to appear if you have already closed it on this one.)

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