Blog and Article Topics for Fine Artists

If you need some ideas or topics to write about in your art blog or website, perhaps some of the ones below will help. Each of these topics should serve as inspiration for more than one blog post or fine art article. While you are here, go ahead and bookmark this webpage so you can refer back to it over and over. Share it with fellow bloggers too. Happy writing!

Texas Flag Barn canvas art“Texas Flag Barn”
Landscape by Teresa Bernard
20″ x 16″
Oils on gallery wrap stretched canvas

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Biographical Topics

  • Artist bio — Readers love to know about the artist behind the artwork.
  • Artist statement — Every artist needs one of these.
  • Your artist resume
  • Why every artist needs a Bio, Artist Statement, Resume, etc.
  • Why every artist needs to publicize his/her awards and achievements, etc.
  • Share and define your art goals
  • Art schools, classes or education you have taken
  • How or why you become an artist
  • Your specialty and why you choose it
  • Your job outside of art, if you have one. Where do you work and what do you do? Is it art related in somehow? In what way?
  • Ways in which you balance studio time with work, family, social life, recreation, etc.
  • Your favorite fine artists, past or present day. And why?
  • Where do you get your inspiration or ideas for your creative works?
  • Give a personal tour of your art studio using words and photos or YouTube video.
  • Do you have any relatives who are/were also artists? Who are they? In what ways have they inspired you? For example, Teresa’s dad was a professional fine artist too. Read more about the artist.
  • Share how you chose your fine art career path and where you are on it.
  • Ten things you want to paint before you stop
  • What kind of an effect has living the creative life had on you personally? Your family? Other individuals in your life?
  • Why do you blog about your passion (fine art)? How has it stretched you as an artist?
  • The five best quotes on art you’ve ever read/heard and why
  •  How overcoming creative obstacles has made you a better artist

Stories About or Behind Your Art

  • The story behind each piece of art your create. Why you created it?
  • Explain the meaning behind your fine art pieces.
  • Describe your creative process
  • Describe your artistic style
  • Write a description of your artwork(s). Be specific. Do this for each of your art pieces.
  • Write about a “work in progress” (the progression of a piece of art) and display photos of each stage if possible.
  • FAQs people ask about your art and the answers
  • I still can’t believe people ask me about…
  • Why it’s really hard to part with your originals

The Business of Art

  • Art collecting tips
  • Buying art as an investment
  • How to buy art
  • Buying an oil painting as an investment
  • Simple bookkeeping tips for artists
  • Business or hobby, which?
  • Should you turn your hobby into a business?
  • Where/How to obtain grants for artists
  • Tips on how to promote your art
  • Tips on finding an art gallery
  • Finding ways to exhibits your works of art
  • Using social media to promote your works, (Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, DeviantArt, etc.)
  • Using websites and online galleries to promote your art
  • Tips on how to market your creative works
  • How to price your works of art
  • How and where people can buy your art
  • Tips on how donating art to a charity has helped promote your art
  • Tips on selling your art creations online
  • Tips on finding a gallery to show your work
  • Tips on preparing your art for a gallery showing
  • Selling art on and offline – how you approach it
  • How being in the business of art affects your art
  • Taking your art to a fair/show to sell
  • Tips about art fairs and setting up a display booth
  • The Oil Paintings Business
  • Selling Your Oil Paintings

Sharing Your Knowledge

  • Share your knowledge about the use or care of the “tools of the trade” (canvas, brushes, paint, etc)
  • Tips about using your sketchbook
  • Tips on cultivating creativity
  • Write your own opinion about what true art is
  • Creating an artist portfolio
  • Ways to overcome artist block
  • Painting from life verses from reference photographs
  • “En plein air” (outdoors on location) painting vs. painting in the studio
  • Tips on using reference photos to paint from
  • Tips on what to title your art piece
  • Time management tips for artists
  • The advantages of creating an art series
  • Tips for creating texture or depth in a painting
  • Writing an art critique
  • Ways to handle criticism
  • Developing an art style of your own
  • Top ten things they don’t teach you in art school
  • Why and how parents should encourage artistic development in their children
  • Why faces are so difficult to paint, and hands are tough too
  • Your first juried art exhibit/show, what was it like?

How-To Topics and Demonstrations

  • Painting or drawing techniques with step-by-step procedures. Include photos if possible.
  • Tips on how to frame art
  • The how-to on stretching a canvas
  • How to varnish a painting
  • How to gesso a canvas
  • How to care for art pieces

Art History Topics

  • Write about a historical artist you admire (Van Gogh, Rembrandt, etc.)
  • Explain the different art movements (Realism, Impressionist, Post-Modernism, etc.)
  • Explain the different genres of fine art
  • Explain the different classifications of art
  • Discuss an art technique one of the Old Masters used
  • Visit an exhibit at a local museum and write a review about something art related (drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.) you saw there.
  • Some famous paintings or works of art

Auvers, France church painting“Van Gogh’s Church at Auvers, France”
Landscape by Teresa Bernard
20″ x 24″
Oils on gallery wrap stretched canvas

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Newsworthy Topics

  • Write about your art pieces that have been published or featured in a newspaper, magazine, website or online somewhere.
  • Write press releases about your art
  • Art shows and competitions where you have or will be exhibiting your art
  • Write about current art news
  • Share who has featured your art online or written an article about you.
  • Write about your e-newsletter and how to sign up for it.
  • Write a review about a particular art book
  • Online gallery reviews
  • Real life gallery and exhibition reviews

Additional Topics

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There should be enough here to get your thoughts going and keep you supplied with topics for a long time to come. This is not a complete list, however, I do plan on expanding it with even more great topic ideas as I discover them. Hopefully this list will become a helpful resource for you and all blogging endeavors concerning the fine arts . If you have any blogging topics to share, by all means, post them below.