Sunset Over Texas

Texas sunset painting
Sunset Over Texas © Copyright 2001 – Present

Size: 12″ x 9″
Support: Canvas panel board
Description: A painting of a vibrant Austin, Texas sunset featuring a windmill in silhouette overlooking a pond. This painting is composed on a quality canvas panel board and does require a frame before it is displayed.

SOLD: This sunset painting was sold to a private art collector living in Texas.

Artist Comments

This painting is one of my earlier paintings and unfortunately, I don’t have a better photo of it. It is so much more beautiful in person! I composed it using a reference photo taken by my brother-in-law who photographed the scenery that inspired this vivid Texas sunset painting. The photo was taken near Austin, TX where he lives with his wife.

Texas is known for having some of the loveliest sunsets in America. As a native of Texas, I can attest to that myself. I enjoy painting Texas sunsets for so many reasons, but mostly I love the rich, vibrant colors present in them!

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