Some Things To Consider When Buying Oil Paintings For Your Home

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sunflower from behind painting demoWhen you are deciding to buy oil paintings for your main residence or vacation home, there are several things you need to keep in mind as you are making your considerations. Not only on the piece of artwork itself, but also the entire home. Such things as the décor that is currently in place and any other types of art that you already have in the home. This will allow you to give thought to all of the oil paintings you are considering and also help you in determining what pieces will match in the space and which options are going to best fit into the space.

Things to keep in mind when deciding which painting to buy for the walls of your home include:

1. The rooms furnishings — The first thing to consider is which room the canvas art will be hung in. If there is very little furniture in the space, choosing an oil painting with brighter and bolder colors will help the room pop and stand out. For a room with heavier amounts of furnishings, something lighter and with a simple or plain design will make for a subtle effect in the space. You must also consider the colors of the walls in the room, in order to ensure things will not clash and that the oil paintings match the space entirely.

2. Subject matter or theme — The next consideration is the subject or theme of the art and paintings. Whether it is something in pastels and lighter colors for a large living or dining room or an expansive landscape style piece for a bedroom or hallway of the home, these are just some of the factors to consider as you are determining what to buy. Of course each home owner will have their own taste and style, but making sure the theme and colors match the surroundings is key when choosing the right oil painting that will fit the space you are attempting to fill with art.

3. Size of the area the artwork will display in — Make sure to measure the spot or area you plan to hang a painting in and take the dimensions with you before heading out to the gallery or artist studio. Once there the gallery attendant will be able to further assist you with the painting selection that just right for the area you intend to display the artwork in. Depending on the size of the room and what other art or pieces of décor are already present in the space, making sure the oil paintings are not too large (or too small for extremely large spaces) has to be determined prior to the purchase. Another tip is marking the walls in the space before making your purchase ensures it will properly fit the space.

4. Type of painting material — A final tip when buying oil paintings for your home is to choose the type of material that best fits the space. Whether you choose art that has been done on canvas or purchase a fine art print of the painting that has been printed on paper will depend on your personal preferences, budget, and the overall look of the piece. This is more of a personal choice and will vary based on the space you are placing the artwork in. Prints will need to be framed under glass and that is another consideration too.

When deciding on oil paintings for your home, you should consider these and any other factors which are important to you personally, in order to ensure you find something you will truly love and something that fits well into the space you are displaying the painting in.

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