Life in Texas — Round Hay Bales

Round Hay Bales painting
Life in Texas — Round Hay Bales © Copyright 2013 – Present

Size: 16″ w x 20″ h
Support: Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvas
Description: A landscape painting of large round hay bales depicting life in East Texas. This wall art will not need a frame as the painting extends around the edges of the canvas. Hand-painted and signed by fine artist Teresa Bernard.

painting with round hay bales
Not to scale

Artist Comments

This oil painting is part of a series of paintings about what life is like in the great state of Texas. This painting of large round hay bales is about life in general in the rural areas of East Texas. Cattle ranchers abound here, and since cattle and other farm animals need food, we also have a lot of hay farmers. Everywhere you go, if you don’t see cattle or horses grazing in a large pasture, you’ll most likely see hay growing there, or you’ll see hay that has been harvested and baled.

Hay farmers harvest their hay using equipment called balers. Balers can bale (package) hay in various ways — small rectangle bales, large square or rectangular bales, or large round bales. The large round bales can weigh anywhere from 800 to over 1,500 pounds! When they are that heavy, they have to be moved around with hay forks attached to tractors. Many cattlemen prefer the round bales instead of small rectangle bales as they are less labor-intensive to store and transfer and easier to feed to their cattle. They place these large round bales inside hay rings so their cattle and horses can graze on them for days. However, small farms and ranches may still use the smaller rectangle hay bales since they have fewer heads of cattle to feed.

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