Raggedy Ol’ Farmhouse

farmhouse painting
Raggedy Ol’ Farmhouse © Copyright 2021 – Present

Size: 12″ w x 9″ h
Support: Canvas Panel Board
Description: A landscape painting featuring the side view of a rundown farmhouse captures the rustic charm of a bygone era. Its stucco has cracks running through it. And there is a worn-out screen door and window. The yard and bush are overgrown adding to the feel of the neglected look of this Raggedy ol’ Farmhouse. This artwork is signed by oil painting artist Teresa Bernard.

This shabby chic farmhouse painting is hand-painted on a quality canvas panel board. It will need to be framed before it is can be displayed.

raggedy farmhouse painting
Not to scale.

Artist Comments

This painting has that shabby chic look about it and really captures the rustic charm of a bygone era. You know that old tattered look with a neutral background. Yet the grass and overgrown bush, along with a scattering of a few white wildflowers, indicate there is still life present there.

Shabby chic is a term given to a style of interior design where furniture and furnishings are worn or distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique. This style of decor can be extended to the outside patio and garden as well.

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“Nice! It looks like my place here did when I bought it last year.” — Lynn Wilson, ARTIST BLOCK, Gab

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UPDATED: 31 March 2022

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