Oregon Coast South of the Sea Lion Caves

Oregon coast painting
Oregon Coast South of the Sea Lion Caves © Copyright 1997 – Present

Size: 9″ x 12″
Support: Canvas panel
Description: An oil painting of the Oregon coast looking south from the Sea Lion Caves. This painting is composed on a quality canvas panel and does require a frame before it is displayed.

SOLD: This Oregon Coast painting is owned by the artist’s daughter and is part of a private collection.

Artist Comments

This ocean wave painting is one of my early paintings, just starting out as a professional artist. It shows the Oregon Coast looking south from the “Sea Lion Caves” towards Cox Rock. Cox Rock is one of the thousands of islands that sits off the Oregon Coast. It is nearby Sea Lion Point and Heceta Head.

The Sea Lion Caves is America’s largest sea cave and is located midway on Oregon’s 400 miles of shoreline. It can reach from the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway U.S. Highway 101. For more information about the Sea Lion Caves, visit their website.

There isn’t a lot of information about Cox Rock. I have learned that it is an island off the Oregon Coast and isn’t easily accessible if you want to explore it, and it’s hard to find. Visitors to the island will probably want to use their GPS to guide them there. Coordinates are below.

This painting is one of my earlier works. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of all my earlier works, but this one I did.  I hope you enjoy it.

Other Paintings of Oregon

I used to live in Oregon and have found it to be one of the most beautiful places on earth to paint. I’ve painted several paintings of Oregon scenery.

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Your Feedback

“I’ve been particularly interested in seeing the sites of realistic oil painters. I’ve been painting and teaching since the mid-’70s. Your work is lovely. One of my favorite paintings is the Heceta Head Lighthouse. The Oregon Coast is one of my favorite subjects too!” — Donna S., Washington

“Often when I have my morning coffee I will search the net for artists. I oil paint. I was in Oregon last summer, your pictures of the Oregon coast by the sea lions is the best I have seen of that view. Your Heceta Head Lighthouse is just beautiful. I painted the coast picture also. You are an inspiration to me.” — Patricia B., Pontiac MI

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