Mount Kilimanjaro Rising

African landscape painting
Mount Kilimanjaro Rising © Copyright 2018 – Present

Size: 30″ x 24″
Support: Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvas
Description: A realistic African landscape painting of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania rising above the planes of Africa.

SOLD: This painting is a commission and has sold.

Artist Comments

This painting is the second in five commissioned paintings by a private art buyer in San Diego, CA.

I named this painting “Mount Kilimanjaro Rising.” Initially, I was going to call it “Mount Kilimanjaro Rising Above The Serengeti,” which was taken from the lyrics of a famous Toto song, “Africa.” It goes like this…

“…As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti…”

I loved that song when I was a teen, and I still do. However, as I started my research on Africa and specifically Mount Kilimanjaro, I discovered this mountain isn’t on the Serengeti, which is a vast nature reserve and safari destination. Instead, Kilimanjaro is several hundred miles away inside a national park in Tanzania called Mount Kilimanjaro National Park. So I decided to name this artwork Mount Kilimanjaro Rising which I feel is a more fitting name.

Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak and is snow-capped year-round. As one observes this painting, the viewer has the sense the mountain is floating above the clouds.

This particular work of art isn’t the first time I’ve painted this splendid mountain. I was also commissioned to paint it several years ago from a photograph taken by my customer (not the same one as this painting) while they were on a hiking expedition up Kilimanjaro’s north face. That painting is called “Scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro.” Follow the link to see it.

After researching and creating all of these artworks of Africa, I find myself wanting to explore the African continent on my next vacation. I love to travel and see what all the world has to show me! When I’m asked where my favorite travel destination is, my reply is always “anywhere I’ve never been  before!”

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UPDATED: 27 January 2020

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