Covered Wagon on the Prairie

western artSize: 16″ x 20″

Support: Stretched canvas

© Copyright 2010 – 2014
Teresa Bernard

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$350 Plus S/H

Artist Comments: Covered wagons and pioneers are one of the first things that come mind when I think of the Old West. I love that sense of adventure and pioneering spirit that drove early settlers to pack up their family, mount a covered wagon and move across the Great Plains to settle out West. They are indeed an icon of the American Old West.

Sometimes the covered wagon was also called a “prairie schooner”  because the white canvas covers of the wagons crossing the prairies reminded some writers of the sails of a ship at sea.

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Teresa is also a commission artist and has done paintings for fellow art enthusiasts around the world. If you have a painting in mind, click here for information on how to commission a painting.

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