Still Life with Iron Age Pottery

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clay Stove and Pottery painting
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Size: 14″ w x 11″ h
Support: Stretched canvas
Description: A still life painting by Teresa Bernard featuring clay pottery items common in the Iron Age. This painting is composed using a limited pallet of colors. It will need to be framed before displaying.

iron age pottery painting demo
Not to scale

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Artist Comments

This painting is of common household items that would have been found in a typical kitchen in Israel or Jordan during the Iron Age (1200-586 B.C.). While visiting the Web site “Holy Land Photos” I came across some interesting photos of a reconstructed Israelite House on display at the Haaretz Museum in north Tel Aviv. This painting is from one of those photos.

The first reference the Bible makes regarding use of iron is found in 1 Samuel 13:19-21 when it mentions that the Philistines had swords. According to archaeology, the iron age is the final technological and cultural stage in the Stone-Bronze-Iron-Age sequence.

This piece of wall art is part of a series of paintings called the Bible Lands Series.

Note: Permission to use photo as painting source is courtesy of Holy Land Photos.

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