Great-Grandma’s Sewing Thread #1

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antique sewing thread painting
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Size: 6″ w x 6″ h
Support: Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvas
Description:  A miniature still life painting featuring two vintage wooden spools with sewing thread and needle. This artwork is composed on gallery wrap stretched canvas and does not require a frame before display since the composition extends around the edges of the canvas surface. This painting is one of two in a series.

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Artist Comments:

This painting is part of a series called Great-Grandma’s Sewing Thread. I call it “great-grandma’s” because we are now living in a modern age and thread no longer comes on wooden spools. Our great-grandmothers would have used sewing thread spun on wooden spools. The wooden spools you might find today are now 50+ years old and are considered antiques. In this day and age sewing thread comes on spools made of plastic and our own grandmothers, and most assuredly our mothers,  would have sewn their sewing projects using thread spun on plastic spools.

I remember playing with empty wooden spools when I was a young child back in the 60-70s, and as I got older I remember being taught how to sew by my grandmother. However, I barely remember thread coming on anything but plastic spools. I do remember raiding my grandmother’s sewing box for the right color of thread that I needed and finding wooden spools there.

Unfortunately, wooden spools met their demise back in the 1970s when manufacturers stopped using them to spin thread on. It was purely a business decision. It had become more economical for them to use plastic spools instead. If you happen to come across a vintage sewing spool don’t throw it away, hang on to it, wooden spools are antiques and do have some value. Just how much it is worth depends on how old the spool is and the condition it is in.

Companion Painting

This painting has a companion painting called “Great-Grandma’s Sewing Thread #2. Whether purchased with its companion or not, either of these paintings will look great proudly displayed in a sewing or craft room. Click on thumbnail for larger image.

Great-Grandma's Sewing Thread #2 painting
Great-Grandma’s Sewing Thread #2

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UPDATED: 30 March 2021


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