Fly Me To The Moon

Moon painting
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Size: 9″ w x 12″ h
Support: Canvas panel
Description: A painting depicting a bright orange full moon in the night sky with two egrets in silhouette perched atop a tree. This painting is composed on a quality canvas panel; it will need a frame before display. Hand-painted and signed by fine artist Teresa Bernard.

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painting a an orange moon
Not to scale

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Artist Comments

The most eye-catching feature of this painting is that big orange moon in the night sky silhouetted by an egret. Looking at it, one can easily daydream what it might be like to “fly away” to Earth’s only satellite and beyond. Sometimes I feel as if I should have become an astronaut instead of an artist.

The night sky is one of my favorite things. I love looking up at it to see the vastness of outer space, the faraway planets, the milky way along with all the stars and constellations, and of course, Earth’s moon in whichever stage it happens to be in at the time. I especially love seeing our moon shining so brightly it makes the night look like it’s daytime!

What Makes The Moon Appear In Different Colors?

A unique and beautiful feature of our moon is its ability to appear in different colors. In truth, the moon doesn’t really change color at all; it only seems to be changing color because we are viewing it through Earth’s atmosphere. As we view the moon, we look up through the various layers of our atmosphere and all the particles in it, such as dust, smoke, and pollution.

One other thing that affects the way we perceive the moon is its location in the sky. For instance, the moon often appears more yellow or orange when it is closer to the horizon. This is because the angle we see it through is a denser portion of Earth’s atmosphere. When the moon is in a higher position up in the sky or directly above us, we are looking through a much thinner layer of the atmosphere, causing it to be visible in its more normal color of silvery white or ash gray.

There is one more explanation that is more complex called “Rayleigh’s scattering.” This involves sunlight which is made up of a combination of different color wavelengths. When sunlight hits our atmosphere, Rayleigh’s scattering takes over and “scatters” the various wavelengths. Suffice it to say; this natural phenomenon causes the colorful sunrises and sunsets we get to enjoy every day. It is also responsible for making the sky look blue during the daylight hours and affects the moon’s color day or night. How this all works is fascinating.  Click here for more information on this phenomenon.

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“Beautiful paintings. Love the egrets flying in front of an orange moon.” — X Oh, Science, Space & Technology News 🚀, Gab

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