Fence Post In The Meadow

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Fence Post in the Meadow by Teresa Bernard
© Copyright 2020 – Present

Size: 9″ w x 12″ h
Support: Canvas panel board
Description:  A landscape painting depicting a fence post in a meadow of yellow, red and blue wildflowers.

Fence Post Meadow demo
Not to scale.

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Artist Comments

I live out in the country and scenes like this are commonplace. They are always a source of inspiration and provide me with something to paint. This painting was a fun one to do. As I was painting this fence post in a meadow of wildflowers, it brought to mind another painting I had done quite a few years ago. It too was of a fence post. Only it was in the snow and not a flower filled meadow. I named that painting “Fence Post in the Snow“.  Who knows if years from now, there will be another fence post painting.

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UPDATED: 01 February 2021

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