Certificate of Authenticity Information

Authenticity Certified

Teresa Bernard Oil Paintings Certificate of AuthenticityEvery painting by Teresa Bernard comes with a  customized official Certificate of Authenticity that has been hand signed by the artist and embossed with her personal seal. The certificate is printed on quality paper suitable for framing. It is your guarantee the painting you have acquired is a genuine Teresa Bernard Oil Painting.

If you possess a Teresa Bernard oil painting and did not receive your certificate, contact us and we will mail yours out right away. Once contact is made, you will be asked to provide a photo of your painting for conformation in order to receive the certificate.

Teresa Bernard’s Personal Certification

This certifies that I, Teresa Bernard, am the artist of all my paintings displayed on this website and that you are purchasing it directly from me. Your purchase of any of my paintings is not via art dealers or a gallery. Every painting by me comes with a custom designed official Certificate of Authenticity that is hand signed and embossed with my personal seal to guarantee the buyer is receiving genuine, original, artwork.

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Updated: 12 November 2020