Irish Fishing Village, Bunratty Ireland

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Irish Fishing Village Bunratty Ireland landscape painting
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Size: 12″ w x 9″ h
Support: Canvas panel board
Description: A landscape painting of an old Irish fishing village located in Bunratty Parish, a republic of Ireland. This painting is composed on quality canvas panel board and will require framing before hanging.

SOLD: This painting sold to a private art collector in Michigan. If you love this painting and desire one that is similar or something else entirely, Contact us, Teresa Bernard does art commissions.

Customer Feedback

Hi Teresa, The painting is wonderful! It safely arrived on time. I have read that floating frames are good for paintings on art board so I’ll likely go that route. Best regards, Peter

Artist Comments

In the summer of 2000 a friend of mine made several business trips to Ireland. After he completed his work for the day, he would venture out into the nearby countryside and local communities to see the sites and take photos of his trip. This landscape painting is from a photo of one of the places he visited while there. It depicts Bunratty, a small folk village in southwest Ireland not far from Shannon and Limerick. The village gets its name from nearby Bunratty Castle, a large 15th-century tower house in County Clare, Ireland. The castle is a major tourist attraction famous for its medieval banquets. Bunratty Castle overlooks the Raite river and the village lies just to the west of the castle. The castle and village are open to the public and feature around 30 buildings.

Fun Facts About Bunratty

    • Bunratty is an Irish word which means “End of the Raite River”.
    • The first settlement in Bunratty is thought to have been built by Vikings in the 10th century and possibly destroyed by an Irish king named Brian Boru.
    • The castle was built around 1277 by Mucegros, a Anglo-Norman ruler.
    • For a history about Bunratty Castle visit here.

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