Art Terms and Definitions — J

A list of art terms and definitions that begin with the letter J.

An acronym for “Joint Photographic Experts Group” is a commonly used standard method of compressing photographic images on the Web. JPEG graphics are capable of reproducing a full range of color while still remaining small enough for Web use.
Japanese Prints 
A color print executed from woodblocks in water-based inks and developed to a high degree of artistry by the Japanese, especially in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
The influence of Japanese art, fashion, and aesthetics on Western culture, especially Impressionism.
Jewish ceremonial art or artifacts used by Jews for religious rituals or practices.
Junk Art
Art Terms and Definitions -- JThree dimensional works of art composed from old or discarded items, such as junk or trash, of little or no value. This form of artwork is deliberately not visually pleasing; it is unattractive (a.k.a. anti-aesthetic).
Justified Type
In typography, text spaced out between words to create columns with both edges flush or evenly aligned. With narrow columns, justification can create awkward gaps. However, with wide columns, justification can add elegant symmetry.
Fine artworks produced by artists during their youth.
The act of placing or positioning items in the image area side by side or next to one another to illustrate some comparison.

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