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From Ultramarine to Urban Landscape

A vivid blue to purple-blue pigment originally made from ground lapis lazuli. French ultramarine is an artificial substitute.
A natural earth pigment of brown or reddish-brown color used in painting. In its natural form, it is called raw umber, but when it is heated, the color becomes more intense and is called burnt umber.
Preliminary drawing that lies under the final painted or inked image.
The preliminary layers of paint in a painting that render the basic outline of the image before the final paint layers are added to complete the work.
A subdued or muted tone of color; specifically a color seen through and modifying another color.
An organization of parts so that all contributed to a coherent whole. It is the combined result of all principles of design. See Principles of Good Design discussion on unity for more information.
In typography, capital letters, which gained this alternative name from the standard location in which typesetters stored them.
Urban Landscape
A premise of urban planning arguing that the best way to organize cities is through the design of the city’s landscape, rather than the design of its buildings. Also referred to as landscape urbanism.

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UPDATED: 02 February 2017

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