African Wildlife — Three Giraffes

Africa wildlife giraffes painting
African Wildlife — Three Giraffes © Copyright 2019 – Present

Size: 18″ w x 24″ h
Support: Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvas
Description: A realistic composition of three wild African giraffes on the open planes of the Serengeti. Hand-painted and signed by Teresa Bernard.

SOLD: This painting was a commissioned work and has been sold.

Customer Feedback

Hi Teresa, we received the paintings. They’re beautiful! Thank you very much. Our eldest will love the giraffes. — G. Callan, San Diego CA

Artist Comments

African Wildlife — Three Giraffes is one of several paintings I was commissioned to do for an art collector. My customer wanted to present this particular painting to his adult daughter as a Christmas gift since she loves giraffes.

I found this painting to be a challenging one since I had never painted giraffes before. I gave it a lot of thought as to how I would approach it before putting paintbrush to canvas. It required studying giraffes from all different angles paying special attention to their spots if you want to call them spots, that is. They are more like splotches. I observed that no two giraffes are identical in their “spots.” I also paid attention to the color of their splotches. I wanted each giraffe to be distinct from the others even tho they are similar in color.

After the painting was finished and delivered to my client’s residence, he contacted me letting me know how much his daughter loved the painting.

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UPDATED: 28 January 2020

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